See James Middleton’s Royally Relatable Comments on Bond With Kate

Kate Middleton may be the Princess of Wales to the rest of the world. But to James Middleton, she’s first and foremost his eldest sister.

“I’m extremely proud,” he said on the July 20 episode of Good Morning Britain, per a video shared by The Daily Mail. “I’m always taken aback by how much she does do, and that does always continue to sit at the forefront of my mind. But actually, to be honest, she’s my sister—so I know all of her sort of quirks and everything. And actually, to see her blossoming in that role, I’m very proud of her.”

One thing that makes him particularly proud? The royal family’s conversations around mental health. In fact, James said these discussions have encouraged him to share his own experiences.   

“I think what’s fantastic is actually that they’re in a position where they are talking about their own mental health,” he noted. “It is a challenge. And I remember early on, to say the words out loud that I was sort of feeling depressed or I thought I had depression was impossible. But actually, through some of the work that they’ve been doing over time, it gave me the confidence to speak out. So, I have more to thank for them and the focus that they put towards it.”

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