Sarah Ferguson is continuing to recover following her single mastectomy.

After sharing she was Breast-cancer” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>diagnosed with an early form of breast cancer and had to undergo surgery, the Duchess of York reflected on her journey. 

“It’s really just extraordinary to come to terms with a new you,” she said on the July 5 episode of her and Sarah Thomson‘s podcast Tea Talks with the Duchess and Sarah, which was recorded about a week after the procedure. “It’s extraordinary. You just cannot be complacent with yourself or life or just how lucky you are.” 

As Ferguson recalled, she had gone in for a routine mammogram and the doctor detected a “shadow.” She said she then went to the NHS’ Royal Free Hospital in London, where she “had contrast put in my arm” and they could further see the shadow. She later underwent surgery at King Edward VII’s Hospital.

“From the drive from the Royal Free over to the VII, I sort of looked up mastectomy,” the duchess remembered. “And then pathology came back a few days later and then, of course, your mind’s already gone racing in every direction. And then [I] get a text saying, ‘We think it’s mastectomy.’ Then your mind plays more tricks. And then you go and meet the reconstructive surgeon and you suddenly think, ‘OK, we can do this.'”

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