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Image Credit: IXOLA / BACKGRID

Sami Sheen, 19, and Lola Sheen, 18, flashed a lot of smiles while recently filming their new reality show while walking outside in Los Angeles, CA together. The daughters of Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen were photographed taking a stroll side by side and chatting as they rocked summer-friendly outfits and had their long blonde hair down and parted in the middle. They also both carried purses on one shoulder and their phones as they made their way under the sun.

Sami Sheen, Lola Sheen
Sami and Lola filming their reality show. (IXOLA / BACKGRID)

Sami’s outfit included a short-sleeved white crop top, white comfortable pants, and black and white Converse sneakers. She also accessorized with hoop earrings and had her arm tattoos on display. Lola wore a light peach strapless long dress and white platform slip-on shoes. She also accessorized with earrings.

Sami Sheen, Lola Sheen
The sisters visited a shopping center during their outing. (IXOLA / BACKGRID)

The Date-malibu-photos/” data-analytics-trigger=”article-body-link”>sisters, who looked a lot like their mom Denise during the outing, appeared to be relaxed as they were filmed. It’s unclear what they were talking about, but they reportedly visited a shopping center as they spent time together. No other family or friends seemed to be with them.

Not many details are yet known about Sami and Lola’s unnamed reality show, but the girls are no strangers to appearing on television. They made their reality television debut on their mom’s show, Denise Richards: It’s Complicated, in 2008, and have been in the public eye practically their whole lives since their parents, who were married from 2002 until 2006, are celebrities. They seem to be very comfortable in front of a camera.

Denise Richards
Sami and Lola looked a lot like their mom, Denise Richards, who can be seen above, during their latest outing. (Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock)

When Sami and Lola aren’t getting attention for filming their reality series, they’re doing so for other parts of their lives, including Sami’s involvement on OnlyFans. The teen joined the popular site and has been sharing various sexy photos whenever she can. She recently promoted her page on the site with two photos of her posing in light blue lingerie on Twitter. “before things got messy last night…” she captioned it along with a link to her OnlyFans page.

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