Prince Harry, 14, sends teenage girls into overdrive in adorable photos

Prince Harry, 38, has been happily married to wife Meghan Markle since their Royal Wedding in 2018, but before he met his actress beauty, he was known in the UK as a single royal heartthrob.

We’re used to seeing royal fans amazed and excited to greet royalty, but the hysteria caused by Prince Harry stepping out aged 14 will astound you.

Prince Harry walks past cheering teenage girls© Getty Images
Prince Harry walks past cheering teenage girls

In pictures taken in 1998, the prince was seen wearing a smart black suit, pinstripe shirt and spotty tie, and as he walked by a clan of teen girls they whooped, cheered and couldn’t believe their eyes.

prince harry crowds© Getty Images

True to the nineties era, one even whipped out her disposable camera to get a snap of the royal up close.

As Harry made his way down the row, other girls sobbed with joy, and one appeared to present the Prince will a small brown teddy bear with a love heart on it.

While it is usually members of the public who get dazzled by seeing the royal family in person, sometimes it’s the turn of royalty to starstruck.

Kate middleton talks to James Norton© Julian Finney
The Princess of Wales with James Norton at Wimbledon

When the Princess of Wales attended Wimbledon, she met Happy Valley actor James Norton in the Royal Box, and fans couldn’t help but spot the 41-year-old’s excitement, as well as the look on her husband Prince William’s face in the background.

“The way Will is keeping an eye on his missus meeting James Norton,” one message read, while another said: “The Princess of Wales is all of us if meeting James Norton…. [fire emoji].” A third post read: “Catherine, Princess of Wales met Actor James Norton today and William forgot he was in discussion with Actress Rachel Weisz.” 

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Prince William wasn’t so lucky at a recent engagement, when a young boy mistook him for an MP instead of a royal!

In a hilarious clip taken on a Windsor walkabout, that has since gone viral on TikTok, William asks a young boy: “Do you know what my name is?” and he innocently replies: “Erm… the government?”

“I’m not the government, do I look like the government do I?” laughs King Charles’ son.

After his real identity was revealed, the youngster exclaims: “You’re Prince William?”

After shaking the royal’s hand, the boy turns to his mother and says: “That’s Prince William mummy!”

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Fans branded the wholesome video “adorable” and we can’t help but agree! William handled it like a pro.

Want to see A-listers in awe of the royal family during special meet and greets? Lady Gaga looks totally honoured; Kylie Minogue is thrilled but Kanye West plays it cool. 

Prince Harry 20 kanye © Photo: Getty Images
Kanye kept his cool next to Prince Harry
prince william kylie minogue© Photo: Getty Images
Kylie greets Prince William
lady gaga and camilla© Photo: Getty Images
Lady Gaga met Queen Camilla

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