‘Nobody’s Perfect’: Milania Giudice on ‘Cutest’ Mom Teresa Giudice

After the Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 13 Reunion, conversation has turned toward Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga, and what the future holds for them. While nobody walked away looking blameless after the reunion, most agreed that Teresa hadn’t done herself many favors.

Now more than ever, it seems Teresa is receiving a lot of heat online, and not just because of the reunion. Many online commentators are justified, in trying to warn Teresa about her choices and the trajectory of her Relationships.

Others are a bit crueler, attacking Teresa for just about anything, particularly, the moments when she comes off as mean, fake, or unintelligent, which isn’t hard for a Housewife to do. Well, Milania Giudice was a bit fed up with such talk, so she cleared the air on her mom’s podcast, Namaste B$tches from PodcastOne.

Teresa Giudice: the cutest little bean

Milania started by positing that people tended to mischaracterize Teresa. “A lot of people are very cruel. And listen, like, if you guys ever were to have like, an hour conversation with my mom, you would just see how genuine, and sweet, and funny—like my mom is the cutest little bean ever! She’s so cute!”

As for Teresa’s many questionable remarks, Milania explained, “People say things, [and I’m] like, ‘Yeah, you know, my mom could like, say stupid things sometimes. It happens! Like, everyone says stupid things. Nobody’s perfect. Nobody in life is perfect.”

Yes, it’s true that nobody’s perfect. But when somebody does something consistently wrong, is it a mistake each time? Or is it a pattern of behavior? And yes, a few stupid remarks are expected when being filmed all the time. But it feels like Milania is brushing off a lot of other behavior as mere silly statements.


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