Merely a Couple of weeks after news broke that Monique Samuels had filed to divorce her husband, Chris Samuels, the Real Housewives of Potomac alum is further dishing on the decision.

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Monique Samuels Says She & Chris Are Putting The Kids First: “The Process Is Very Stressful”

On Thursday (Jul. 6), Monique acknowledged the matter in an Instagram Live.

During the IG Live, she confirmed an earlier report from PEOPLE that revealed she initially filed back in April. She also noted, “I was not planning on sharing this information until it was finalized.”

“Chris and I are going through a divorce. I was not planning on sharing this information until it was finalized. I actually filed back [on] April 14th. We had a mediator throughout this whole process, and when we felt like we got to a point where [we were] pretty much on the same page with moving forward with things, I did go to the courthouse and file.”

Continuing, Monique Samuels said she was on a “meditation retreat” in Costa Rica when news of their split was made public, and she called the process “very stressful.”

“The process is very stressful. It’s like going through a death in so many ways. Chris and I have been together for 17 years—we’ve been married for 11 years.”

Monique went on to acknowledge the speculation that she and Chris joined Love & Marriage: D.C., which premiered last year, to “set up a divorce.” However, she says that the couple was “trying every which way” to save their Relationship at the time.

“When we were going through our motions and we were trying to figure things out [on the show], the goal was not to get divorced. That wasn’t where we were last year… Chris and I were trying every which way to [work it out].”

After noting that she and Chris began to question if they were still “growing,” Monique shared that they’re both committed to setting an example for their kids.

“We have three little people that are literally looking at us, and they are taking notes… [Divorce is] just a part of life, unfortunately. Sometimes it happens. Some people stay married forever, some people don’t.”

Monique Samuels wrapped up by sharing that she and Chris want to focus on themselves and “the three important people in [their] lives.”

Monique & Chris Samuels Recently Enjoyed A Family Outing For Their Daughter’s Birthday

While on the subject of the Samuels, we should add that Monique’s recent commentary follows a video of them linking up to celebrate their daughter, Milani, turning 8.

The parents were specifically enjoying a meal with their second-born child before gifting her a new pair of diamond earrings. Viewers also couldn’t help but pick up on the banter between the pair.

On Instagram, she shared another upload that showed the family having a fun time at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, noting that Milani “loves insects.”


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