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Cruel Summer

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Megan and Isabella have a quick chat as Megan prepares drinks for Isabella, Luke, and herself at the cabin in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the July 17 episode of Cruel Summer. Isabella admits that she’s “nervous.” Megan quips, “Not for long.”

Lexi Underwood
Lexi Underwood and Sadie Stanley in ‘Cruel Summer.’ (Freeform)

In the background, you can hear Luke talking. At one point he can be heard saying, “Guys, can you please let me out?” Megan takes two pills and breaks them into a drink she’s making for Luke. “Voila… truth serum. And liquid courage for us,” she says. Luke is still chattering in the other room.

At the end of the last episode, Luke and Megan rang in the year 2000 together. Megan put on a good show at the party before asking Luke to go back to the cabin with her so they could be alone. Megan also discovered that she was pregnant.

Prior to the ball dropping on New Year’s Eve, Megan learned from Isabella that Luke was the one trying to kiss her, not the other way around. Megan tried to give Luke the benefit of the doubt, but then she overheard Luke talking about how he had her and Isabella wrapped around his finger.

He also confirmed that Isabella was telling the truth the whole time. Luke’s disgusting words enraged Megan and sent her on a mission. Cruel Summer is building up to tragedy (i.e. Luke’s death), and it looks like we’re about to reach the turning point.

Lexi Underwood Sadie Stanley
Lexi Underwood and Sadie Stanley as Isabella and Megan in ‘Cruel Summer’ season 2. (Freeform)

The synopsis for the July 17 episode reads: “In summer 1999, new friendships are formed and secrets are kept as the crew approaches senior year at the annual school car wash. In winter 1999, Megan and Isabella push for answers. In summer 2000, Debbie wants to protect her daughter.”

Cruel Summer season 2 airs on Mondays at 10 p.m. on Freeform. New episodes are available the next day on Hulu.

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