Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly appear to be going strong following months of rumors that they’d split up earlier this year.

If you missed it, the 37-year-old actress seemingly alluded to a breakup in a post on Instagram that was shared hours before the 2023 Super Bowl.

From there, whispers and innuendo followed the Couple as fans were concerned that they were done for good. In April, reports started suggesting that they had reconciled, and they were Date-in-london/”>last seen out together in early June.

Now, like nothing has happened at all, the “Bloody Valentine” hitmaker is flirting with Megan in the comments section of Instagram.

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On Saturday (July 15), Megan hopped on Instagram to share a trio of photos of herself wearing a bikini while posing in a tree. “The forest is my oldest friend,” she captioned the whimsical pics.

MGK wanted the world to know that he was a fan. “If this is what a wild animal looks like, i’d let it maul me,” he wrote in a thirst comment.

This appears to be the first time that MGK has commented on any of her posts since the rumors began. Of course, it’s hardly the first time that the couple has thirsted over each other’s content. Back in October, amid more rumors of a breakup, Megan left an equally loved-up comment on one of MGK‘s posts.

While we haven’t heard anything from the pair just yet, sources have weighed in on where they stand with their engagement.

Also, have you seen what Megan had to say about the comments from fans that mean the most to her?


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