Luis Ruelas’ Ex Issues New Warning for Teresa Giudice

Luis Ruelas’ Ex Seemingly Addresses His “Snake Pit” Analogy, Suggests He Was “Love-Bombing” Teresa, and Hints That Teresa Values “Patriarchy”

Luis Ruelas’ ex Vanessa Reiser seemingly addressed his ‘snake pit’ analogy, suggested he was “love-bombing” Teresa Giudice, and hinted that Teresa’s values are structured around “patriarchy.”

On The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Luis compared Teresa’s brother Joe Gorga and sister-in-law Melissa to snakes, saying, “If you saw me standing in a snake pit, would you pull me out of it? I’m pulling you out of the snake pit.”

In an Instagram post, Vanessa – who reportedly filed a restraining order against Luis over the accusation that he hired a PI to investigate her – seemed to address her ex’s ‘snake pit’ analogy.

“The narcissist who tells you they are trying to rescue you from a snake pit is telling you THEIR family is the pack of snakes,” wrote Vanessa. “The narcissist’s accusations are always confessionals!”

According to fan account @allrhonjfacts, who shared the post on Instagram, Vanessa wrote it the day after Luis’ comment aired on Bravo.

In an interview shared by the same account on Instagram, Vanessa suggested Luis was “love-bombing” Teresa with his “scroll” gift from a past anniversary.

Vanessa also appeared to have a warning — or advice really — for Teresa regarding her finances, saying Teresa might not be “able to see around the corner” concerning certain “behaviors.”

“She would have to be careful in any Relationship that she starts just to secure her finances so that she doesn’t have to experience what she did last time,” said Vanessa. “It appears that people are trying to warn Teresa.”

Vanessa then hinted that both she and Teresa experienced similar events in childhood, which led Vanessa “into the arms of a narcissist.”

“I similarly had some painful experiences in my childhood that led me into the arms of a narcissist as well,” shared Vanessa, “So, I don’t victim blame but sometimes we can’t see around the corners and we need people to express to us maybe things that we’re missing and that’s what I’m seeing on the show.”

She thinks Teresa’s “fundamental value set” is structured around “patriarchy,” and she doesn’t believe the star “trusts women.”

“It seems to have some daddy component,” Vanessa speculated, “I’m noticing this non-‘girls girl’ vibe.”

The ex also indicated that Teresa is probably being “fed” some “misinformation,” and she suggested that “mind control” is involved.

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