Lauren Speed-Hamilton Teases Possible TV Return With Husband Cameron

“As of right now, I can’t say that we’ll be taking over Nick and Vanessa’s jobs, to my knowledge,” she explained. “But that doesn’t mean that we’ll never be hosting a dating show of some sort of our own or even in the future with Netflix. You just never know. We just have to stay tuned and see how the dominoes fall, but I definitely could see that in our future, no doubt.”

After tying the knot onscreen during the show’s first season—which was actually a year before the series’ 2020 debut—the couple remains a fan-favorite more than four years later. As for how the entrepreneur feels about all the love she and Cameron continue to receive?

“It feels great to have set that bar,” she shared. “And I think it feels even better because it’s not something that we were trying to do, it just naturally happened through us organically falling in love and being ourselves on this huge platform. And I think because of that reason, so many people love us, and they love our story.”

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