Kylie Minogue is a real-life Barbie doll in slinky top

Kylie Minogue is known for her illustrious career that has generated a decades-long back-catalogue of iconic looks, and on Thursday she shared one of her cheekiest yet as the upcoming Barbie film nears its release Date.

The Padam Padam hitmaker, 55, shared a photo from the 1990s where she could have been a Barbie doll as she rocked a shirt featuring the iconic toy. The star — who recently celebrated the 35th anniversary of her debut album’s release — loooked phenomenal in the sleeveless top that showed off all her curves, with a Barbie doll featuring prominently in its centre. Kylie turned up the heat with a flirty wink while wearing a bold red lipstick.

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Her beach-blonde hair also copied the toy with the shorter locks just touching the tips of her shoulders while she sported a tanned complexion.

Teasing followers, she said: “90’s Barbie Kylie,” finishing the caption off with a heart emoji and a credit for photographer Katerina Jebb.

Kylie was a Barbie girl in a Barbie world!

Fans went wild in the comments, as one enthused: “You should had been in the movie you are such a Barbie, with you there the movie would had been even more amazing than it is,” and a second added: “Always loved this photo – had the poster on my wall back in the day.”

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A third played with the film’s viral promotion campaign as they commented: “This Barbie should be so lucky,” and a fourth posted: “Why is there no Kylie Barbie??!!!!” while others hoped it was a hint that she featured in the film’s soundtrack.

Kylie at Cannes Film Festival in 2022© Getty
Kylie can sizzle in any look

With such a long-lasting career, Kylie often treats her fans to glamorous flashbacks highlighting all of her albums, but with the upcoming release of her next studio album, Tension, she has been busy promoting that.

Followers were, however, treated to a throwback in January when the singer marked the fifth anniversary of her country-inflected hit Dancing, and to mark the milestone moment, she shared a clip from the music video that had so many stunning looks. Kylie dazzled her fans in several bold mini-dresses, that all sparkled underneath the light, but it was one outfit that really caught our attention – her country look.

Kylie Minogue performing on stage at Capital's Summertime Ball 2023
The singer has recently been promoting her latest hit, Padam Padam

The singer looked sensational in the skintight outfit that consisted of a black top and chaps, that had been embedded with hundreds of sparkling jewels. The jacket featured gold tassels on the back, while her trousers had horseshoes emblazoned on her buttocks as the star treated her followers to her line dancing.

Aware of all of her spectacular outfits, Kylie posed an impossible question to fans, asking: “We’ve been DANCING for 5 years today! What’s your favourite look from the video?”

Kylie Minogue in black dress© Victor Chavez
Tension will be Kylie’s sixteenth studio album

One fan responded with what was on everyone’s mind as they enthused: “All of them!” while a second added: “Any of the guitar dolly looks will do me darl.” A third penned: “Such a [flame emoji] video! The red sparkles with the long sleeves! Can’t wait for what’s coming soon!!!”

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Others, however, were stunned with how much time had flown by as one lamented: “It has not been 5 years,” and another agreed: “How has this been 5 years?!”

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