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To this day, fans of Full House see Uncle Jesse every time that John Stamos steps onstage or onscreen in a new role. However, the actor just revealed that he almost quit the show before it became a classic.

During an episode of Hot Ones, the 59-year-old admitted that he was not impressed with the sitcom when he first started attending table reads. He explained why and opened up about what changed for him.

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“I hated that show,” John said, adding that he “ended up loving it.”

He explained that the show was pitched as a more adult series “with a Couple kids in the background.” Of course, that wasn’t what it wound up being.

“We did a table read of it, and I was the star coming in off of General Hospital,” he recalled. “Jodie Sweetin, who plays Stephanie, reads her lines, and people are dying laughing, I mean screaming. I was like, ‘What’s happening here?’”

He continued, saying that “they couldn’t even hear my lines. They were laughing so hard at her.” It was a hit to his self confidence at the time.

John admitted that he called his agent and demanded to be removed from the show before agreeing to give it a shot.

“I fought it for a long time,” he said. “And then I finally said, ‘What am I doing, it’s a beautiful show.’ We built it with sweetness and kindness. There was no central character on that show, I realized. The central character was love.”

This isn’t the first time John has shared less-than-fond memories of the show. He previously revealed that he briefly had one of the roles fired and recast.

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