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Everyone has bad days — but Joe Jonas just admitted he once had a poop-accident-while-wearing-white-pants-onstage bad day. In a shocking new interview, the Jonas Brothers singer, 33, broke down the fallout from the incident, admitting that he was onstage with brothers Kevin Jonas and Nick Jonas when it all went down. “It’s fresh, but I’ve been able to work through it, a lot of therapy,” he said during a radio appearance on KIIS FM’s Will & Woody show. “Let’s just say it was a bad day to choose to wear white clothing. You think it might be a little toot, it might’ve been a little something else, a little something extra. So, it was like a mid-wardrobe s*** change during the set.”

Joe Jonas
Joe Jonas is seen on a day that may or may not have been bad to wear white clothing. (Broadimage/Shutterstock)

Surprisingly, Joe even explained that fans can find the archival footage, which apparently offers evidence of the accident that apparently happened four years ago. “If you go in the archives, there is a wardrobe change halfway through the show, and it was maybe a little bit like, ‘Oh, that was an interesting choice to change clothes that quickly,’” he said. “It was a light one, it wasn’t a full, so I was able to tell the tale.”

Joe hilariously found the best in a (dare we say) crappy situation, by noting that he joined a “secret club” in the moment. “The whole time, I thought … somebody is going to be able to see this and know what is happening, but it was all in my head,” he recounted. “It wasn’t as big of a deal as I thought. But such is life. It has happened to many artists. I feel like I’ve paid my dues, and I feel like I’m a part of some secret club now.”

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