Joe and Teresa Giudice ‘Like Siblings,’ Says Milania

The relationship between Joe Giudice and his ex-wife, Teresa Giudice, is a bit of a strange one. It’s sometimes hard to keep track of how the two feel about each other.

Real Housewives of New Jersey fans almost certainly know the pair went to prison back in 2015 after facing fraud charges. Despite enduring the likes of jail time, the couple ultimately decided they would split up in 2019. Luis Ruelas moved in soon enough as Tre’s new husband.

It was a lot for a family to have to go through in less than a decade. But Teresa’s daughters don’t seem too fazed, including Milania Giudice. Milania went on the Namaste B$tches podcast from PodcastOne to discuss her parents’ current relationship.

Joe and Teresa, always on the phone

Milania said, “My parents have such a good relationship. They like, they call each other. They act like siblings honestly. You guys act like little kids together,” she joked. “Like, they really do. They call each other like, ‘Billy Joe,’ like, ‘Tre, you gotta call me right now?’”

After receiving some praise for her impression, she continued, “‘Tre, you really gotta call me right now? I’m working. You always gotta bother me? I got like, four little Tres now. Leave me alone … You’re turning my daughters into little Tres, you always gotta call me and say things? I’m done.’” Teresa agreed, saying they always called. Milania said, “We’re always calling my dad and busting his balls.”

She went on to say she was lucky. “I love how … my parents are because like, if they always fought, I’d literally be like, ‘Get your sh*t together. You guys have four kids’ … They’re funny. They make me laugh so hard.” She concluded by saying that even Louie likes to take some time on the phone with Joe. Milania certainly is lucky to like both of her parents. Not all reality TV children can say just as much.


Milania Giudice

What a life she’s already lived.

Cuteness is a strange defense, but let’s hear her out.

She’s coming in strong for her stepfather.

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