Jen Shah Mentoring Fellow Inmates While in Prison

Former Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Jen Shah is working on herself during her prison stay. A judge sentenced Jen to 78 months in prison after she pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud. She engaged in a scheme that took advantage of the elderly.

Since surrendering to FPC Bryan Prison Camp, Jen kept herself busy. She completed an anger management class while behind bars. I’ll bet her RHOSLC co-stars wish she had taken that course while filming with them.

Now Jen is using her time in prison to help others. The Messenger has all the details.

Jen is focused on helping others

“I took shortcuts and broke the law,” Jen said via an email interview. “I hurt people and I must reiterate that I blame no one but myself.”

She continued, “I am committed to doing the work necessary to make my victims whole and prove worthy of a second chance. I’ve learned to focus on what I can and cannot control,” she stated.

The RHOSLC alum is focused on helping others. Justin Paperny, Jen’s prison consultant, said that she is “not just working, sleeping or exercising her time away.” Jen has been tutoring inmates earning their ESL and GED. She is also serving as a mentor.

According to Jen, she helped other inmates create release plans and taught workout classes. She even created a play with her fellow inmates, aptly titled Real Housewives of Bryan.

“Jen has adopted a positive attitude in a difficult situation. Her focus on personal growth, building strong Relationships, and helping others is a testament to her resilience and strength of character,” Justin said.

Alas, Jen’s actions are not totally altruistic. “She is pursuing educational opportunities to advance her release. By actively participating and successfully completing educational programs, she may increase her chances of earlier release or other benefits,” Justin explained.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to earn a second chance. I know some people doubt my sincerity and commitment,” Jen explained. Truth!

“I can only control what I do daily and how I prepare for my life after federal prison,” she added.


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