James Middleton Says Princess Kate Is “Blossoming” in Her Royal Role

On Thursday morning, James Middleton made a studio appearance on Good Morning Britain to talk about mental health and his experience training a service dog. But while he was there, he opened up about his Relationship with his famous sister, Princess Kate, adding that he is proud of the work she has done as a member of the royal family.

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“I’m always taken aback by how much she does, and that does always continue to sit at the forefront of my mind,” he said. “But actually, to be honest, she’s my sister so I know all of her sort of quirks and everything.”

He also mentioned that he admires the work Kate has done to raise awareness about mental health and the importance of discussing it, and said she has been “blossoming” in her royal role. “I’m very proud of her. I think what’s fantastic is actually that they’re in a position where they are talking about their own mental health,” he said. “Through some of the work that they’ve been doing… it gave me the confidence to speak out.”

For the last few years, Middleton has become a mental health advocate, discussing his experience with depression in interviews and essays, as well as the impact that being a dog owner had on his emotional health. In 2020, he founded Ella & Co, a dog food business that focuses on pet wellness. The company was named after his cocker spaniel, Ella, who died in January 2023.

Earlier this month, Middleton took to Instagram to announce that he and wife Alizée Thevenet are expecting their first child this fall, and during his Thursday appearance, he explained how he is preparing for parenthood. “I have talked with the dogs quite a lot about what we’re about to be going through and I think that’s a really exciting next step for us as a family and I’m very much looking forward to it,” he said. “I know the dogs are very much excited.”

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