James Cameron to direct ANOTHER movie about Titanic?

The legendary filmmaker took to Instagram to address some gossip that’s been in the media for a few weeks now — will there be a film about the OceanGate tragedy? Even more so, will he be the one to direct it? He was the cinematic captain of the iconic epic Titanic, so it would make sense if there were to be a movie on the Titan implosion, producers would eye him for it.

But that’s not looking likely, folks! According to what Cameron said on Saturday, it would seem he has absolutely zero interest in making a film about the sub and its victims. Writing on a blank Story, he said:

“I don’t respond to offensive rumors in the media usually, but I need to now. I’m NOT in talks about an OceanGate film, nor will I ever be.”


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He shut that down really quick — and he made it very clear he’ll never be partaking in a film of the sort!

The Oscar winner definitely knows what he’s talking about, having gone down to the famous wreckage himself a whopping 33 times. And we’re sure it’s inevitable there WILL eventually be a movie made about the Titan disaster, but whoever ends up directing it will certainly not be getting any tips or tricks from the “King of the World” himself.

No one knows quite how the rumors of a new film started, although there were social media rumblings that a documentary called Titanic Sub: Lost At Sea was somehow linked to Cameron — but in reality he has no connection to it. The Lost At Sea documentary originally premiered late last month in the UK on Channel 5 — which caused a bit of online backlash due to how quick it was produced after the implosion.

As we previously reported, Cameron expressed his shock after the submersible was found in pieces just days after it went down in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. With the submersible claiming five lives, — Brit billionaire Hamish Harding, French explorer Paul-Henri Nargeolet, OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush, and father-son duo Shahzada and Suleman Dawood — the Avatar director told ABC the entire accident was “surreal“:

“I’m struck by the similarity of the Titanic disaster itself, where the captain was repeatedly warned about ice ahead of his ship and yet he steamed at full speed into an ice field on a moonless night. And many people died as a result … And for a very similar tragedy, where warnings went unheeded to take place at the same exact site, with all the diving that’s going on all around the world. I think it’s just astonishing. It’s really quite surreal.”

You can catch up on his full statement about the sub in the video (below):

Well, there you have it! What do U think about James’ refusal to work on an OceanGate movie, Perezcious readers? Let us know (below)!

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