Husband Behind Viral Dress Debate Accused Of Trying To Kill His Wife For Over 11 Years

The husband who sparked the viral social media debate about the actual color of a dress has been charged with trying to kill his wife.

If you were online in 2015, then you remember the infamous dress that appeared gold-and-white but was debated to be truly black-and-blue. The dress belonged to the mother-in-law of Scottish man Keir Johnston, and quickly went viral, leaving social media users everywhere in a frenzy. Fast forward to 2023, and authorities have now revealed that Keir has been extremely abusive to his estranged wife, Grace, for 11 years. Things came to a head in March 2022 when Keir tried to murder the woman by pinning her down and putting a dangerous amount of pressure on her neck. He has also been accused of hitting her multiple times, throwing her against the wall, and threatening her with a knife.

In addition to physical abuse, he is accused of financially manipulating Grace. With control of their bank accounts, Keir ensured that Grace could not make many moves without him. He even isolated her from her friends and family.

The allegations are extremely disturbing, considering the Couple’s picture-perfect persona. They even appeared together on the “Ellen” show in 2015 after the dress caused such playful panter online. Retired host Ellen DeGeneres gave the couple $10,000 and sent them on an all-expense paid trip to the Caribbean. Ironically, the dress was even used in a domestic abuse awareness campaign.

Keir will stand trial before Glasgow’s High Court in 2024 to face his attempted murder charges. He has denied all accusations.

Husband Behind Viral Dress Debate Accused Of Trying To Kill His Wife For Over 11 Years
Keir Johnston

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