Gregg Wallace makes sad confession about ‘miracle’ son Sid

Gregg Wallace has opened up about his son Sid, who he shares with his wife Anne-Marie.

In a new interview, the MasterChef presenter, 58, opened up about his four-year-old’s autism.

Apart from his son Sid, Gregg is also the father of adult children Libby and Tom, with his former wife Denise.

Gregg Wallace and Anne-Marie on Lorraine
Gregg Wallace and Anne-Marie on Lorraine tied the knot in 2016 (Credit: ITV)

Gregg Wallace speaks about son

Speaking to MailOnline, Gregg said: “Sid is four years old, Sid is autistic, Sid is non-verbal. He’s still in nappies. He doesn’t use cutlery. His choice of foods is very limited, but he’s a beautiful boy.”

He added: “Luckily we don’t have many sensory issues. He enjoys play, he enjoys cuddles. And we’re seeing more and more interaction, which is giving us hope. And that’s all we need.”

Gregg has been married to his wife Anne-Marie since 2016, who he met online after she tweeted him a cooking question.

Anne-Marie, who is a caterer, asked Gregg if it was correct that rhubarb went with duck after watching him present the combination on a cooking show.

The presenter told HELLO! Magazine: “I just looked at Anna’s photo and thought, ‘Wow, she’s pretty’. So yes, rhubarb, which was considered an aphrodisiac in medieval times, brought us together.”

Gregg Wallace smiling
Gregg Wallace has lost four-and-a-half stone since cutting out takeaways and snacks, as well as working out five days a week (Credit: Cover Images)

Gregg Wallace on weight loss

Furthermore, Gregg has also opened up about his weight loss after losing four-and-a-half stone.

He told MailOnline: “I want to go into my 60s looking like an Olympic runner, because I think that should be an inspiration to people. I can’t preach this stuff if my belly’s hanging over my jeans.”

Gregg is the owner of a subscription weight-loss website, ShowMe.Fit. He reportedly lost his weight after removing snacks and takeaways from his diet, as well as exercising five days a week.

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