Garcelle Beauvais Was ‘Suspicious’ of Kyle Richards’ Marriage

Kyle Richards


Kyle Richards.

One of Kyle Richards’ “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”  co-stars spoke out about her separation from her husband Mauricio Umansky. In July 2023,  a source told People that Richards and Umansky “have been separated for a while now” but are still living together. They have been married for 27 years.

While most of Richards’ RHOBH co-stars have been quiet about her separation, during a July 13 appearance on “Watch What Happens Live,” Beauvais was asked by host Andy Cohen if Richards’ marriage was “a topic of conversation” during filming for season 13. “Yes, for sure,” Beauvais replied. “Yes, Sutton [Stracke] and I were suspicious.”

Beauvais also revealed if she has spoken to Richards since her separation was announced. “I sent her a text asking her if she was okay and she said ‘I’m hanging in there,’” the RHOBH star said.

Beauvais previously told Page Six she reached out to Richards when she heard the news. “I just texted her and said, ‘[Are you] OK?’ And she replied — I didn’t expect a reply for days — but she just said she’s hanging in there,” Beauvais said a few days before her WWHL appearance.

Andy Cohen said Kyle Richards & Mauricio Umansky’s Split Will Make More Sense When Fans See RHOBH Season 13

While Beauvais didn’t elaborate on her “suspicions” about Richards’ marriage, Cohen admitted he was “very” surprised by the news. But while speaking with Page Six on July 13 he added, “I think when you watch the new season of Beverly Hills, you’ll be less surprised [by the split].”

Cohen also told Us Weekly that Richards and Umansky’s split ranks in the “top 10” of all Real Housewives breakups. The RHOBH OGs have been fab favorites since the Beverly Hills-based franchise debuted in 2010.

He also said he has “been in contact” with Richards since her separation from Umansky.

There Were Some Other Clues That Kyle Richards & Mauricio Umansky’s Marriage Was in Trouble

Morgan Wade and Kyle Richards

GettyMorgan Wade and Kyle Richards.

While some fans were caught off guard by the RHOBH split, other fans have been looking back at clues that there was trouble in paradise. In April 2023, Umansky dropped a pretty big one in an interview with Us Weekly, when he admitted that he and his wife had to “work” on their marriage.

“We’ve had an amazing marriage,” Umansky said. “We’ve been very, very lucky. Right now, we’re both very, very busy and we just have to keep things going and work at it.”

According to The Daily Mail, Richards also caused buzz by going out without her wedding rings as far back as February 2023. She has also spent a lot of time with country singer Morgan Wade, which caused Dating-photos/”>more gossip among fans who speculated the two had an Affair.

A source told  Life & Style that the longtime Couple simply grew apart over time but hinted there could be a secret. “[Mauricio’s] expanding his real estate empire; [Kyle’s] on this personal growth journey,” the insider said in July 2023.  “It happened gradually. Apparently, there was no huge fight, but who knows? They may be hiding a scandal.”

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