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Erin Napier

For HGTV star Erin Napier, one perk of getting to live and work in her hometown of Laurel, Mississippi, is that she doesn’t have to travel far to be brought back in time to one of her own childhood memories. In a July 12 Instagram post, the “Home Town” co-host shared a selfie featuring her husband and co-host Ben Napier alongside her extended family as they exited the local movie theater.

“Last week we went to see the last Indiana Jones with my entire family in the movie theater in the mall I’ve gone to my whole life where my parents saw the originals,” Erin wrote in her post’s caption, “My whole life we’ve thought daddy looked like Indy and the brown fedora and bull whip was always his Halloween go to. Got a little misty eyed at the end. What’s your family’s movie?”

“Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny”, the fifth and final film in the Indiana Jones series, was released in theaters in the United States on June 30, 2023, just over 42 years since the June 1981 release of the first film in the franchise, “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.

Alongside the selfie, Erin’s post included a throwback photo of her father in full Indiana Jones costume, including his signature fedora hat.

Fans Share Their Go-To Family Movies

Many fans thought that Erin’s father looked just like Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones after seeing him dressed in the costume, with comments on her post reading, “Your dad looks like a mix of Harrison Ford and Patrick Swayze to me 🥰”, “🥰🥰 your dad DOES look like Indy! 😂”, and “Oh wow, Dad is a clone”.

Other users took to Erin’s comment section to share their own family movie memories.

“Definitely Rocky. My parents saw it on their first Date and my mom liked my dad because he looked like Stallone. My sister and I were practically raised on the Rocky movies, and Rocky/Stallone is synonymous with Daddy. ❤️” one user wrote.

“Princess Bride. We really don’t even need the movie on. Pretty sure we know the script on our own! #inconceivable 😂” another fan added.

“Star Wars.. all of them, I can remember seeing the original with my family as a child and now as I have 3 grown kiddos we still all go to see them.. ❤️❤️” a third fan commented.

Erin & Ben Napier Starred in a TV Movie

Although Erin and Ben Napier are most often found on screen for their HGTV reality show, the pair took an opportunity to show off their acting chops when they appeared in the discovery+ original movie “A Christmas Open House”, which came out on the streaming platform in November 2022. The real-life Couple played Henry and Sarah Wright, local artists who helped the main characters get ready for an open house at the last minute.

Director Emily Moss Wilson commented on how nice it was working with the Napiers, saying, “This was their first scripted acting job, and they absolutely killed it. They fit into their roles so seamlessly and I’m excited for their fans to see them in a slightly different way.”

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