Erika Jayne Wins Appeal Over THOSE Diamond Earrings

Yes, that’s right, the earrings debacle might finally be (almost) over. Of course, it wouldn’t have been such a situation in the first place if Erika Jayne hadn’t made such a fuss. But let’s take it back to the beginning.

In 2020, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star saw her husband, Tom Girardi, arrested and sued multiple times over for allegedly embezzling money from his clients. Tom has been facing the music ever since. Some suspected Erika was even complicit in his schemes.

But regardless of whether or not that’s true, once Tom was found out, a bankruptcy trustee oversaw Tom’s law firm, looking to reclaim millions of dollars that Tom spent and transferred illegally. Among the alleged illegal purchases were the earrings. Erika was forced to auction them off but appealed that decision. Now it seems the tides are turning in her favor.

Erika won her earrings back (kind of)

Emily D. Baker, a self-proclaimed entertainment legal analyst, tweeted out some details about Erika’s appeal. Emily showed a photo of the diamond earrings alongside screenshots of the California district court’s revision order. In the snippets of the revision screenshots, it says, “The Trustee has done no legwork here to show the funds were commingled.”

In other words, the bankruptcy estate can’t prove whether stolen money purchased the earrings. Or, as Emily wrote, “The Court agreed with Erika that the earrings were not the bankruptcy estate’s property and, therefore, shouldn’t have been turned over to the bankruptcy trustee. The matter is remanded to the BK court to sort out.”

One Twitter user replied by mentioning Ronald Richards, a Housewives superfan whose wife purchased Erika’s earrings at auction. “It won’t happen but I’d like to see Ron R. have to return them. Surely it would be easier for the bankruptcy court to return 250k to him than 759k to Erika.”

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is expected to return to Bravo in November 2023.


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