Does Drake have beef with Anna Wintour?

Fans have pointed out that the 36-year-old rapper displays frighteningly unflattering visuals of what appears to be the 73-year-old Vogue editor-in-chief throughout his It’s All a Blur tour with 21 Savage

At the Madison Square Garden show in New York City on Wednesday, July 26, a graphic of what looks like Wintour with a bloody mouth and gold teeth could be seen plastered on the big screens as Drake rapped on stage. The Wintour look-alike — who rocked a bob with blunt bangs just like the famous journalist — also let out a wicked laugh. (Take a look at the visuals in the clip above.) 

The visuals were displayed as Drake belted out his hit “Jimmy Cooks,” which features the lyric, “Bitch, don’t tell me that you model if you ain’t been in Vogue.” 

While it is not immediately clear whether Drake and Wintour are at odds, the rapper faced a lawsuit from Condé Nast back in November 2022. Drake and 21 Savage were sued by the media company over their use of a fake Vogue magazine cover they created to promote their joint album, Her Loss

Condé’s general counsel William Bowes spoke out about the matter at the time, per Billboard and Variety, sharing, “As a creative company, we of course understand our brands may from time to time be referenced in other creative works.” 

He continued, “In this instance, however, it was clear to us that Drake and 21 Savage leveraged Vogue’s reputation for their own commercial purposes and, in the process, confused audiences who trust Vogue as the authoritative voice on fashion and culture.” 

The lawsuit, which was filed in Manhattan federal court, claimed that “Vogue magazine and it’s editor-in-chief Anna Wintour have had no involvement in Her Loss or its promotion, and have not endorsed it in any way.” The documents continued: “Nor did Condé Nast authorize, much less support, the creation and widespread dissemination of a counterfeit issue of Vogue, or a counterfeit version of perhaps one of the most carefully curated covers in all of the publication business.”

A federal judge eventually ruled in Vogue’s favor, forcing Drake and 21 Savage to get rid of the fake Vogue cover. Drake and 21 Savage settled the lawsuit in February for an undisclosed amount, Variety reported. 

Both Drake and Wintour did not immediately respond to Us Weekly’s request for comment about the It’s All a Blur tour visuals. 

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