As parents, it is normal to desire a close Relationship with your children. A strong connection is essential to both parent and child to have a healthy relationship. Having a strong relationship, with your child comes with perks that you may not realize…they will actually listen to you and want to follow your rules. So, according to the experts, here are daily habits that you can practice to strengthen your bond with your child. 

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Aim for 12 hugs or physical connections daily

As family therapist Virginia Satir famously said, “We need four hugs a day for survival. We need eight hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth.”

You don’t necessarily need to “hug” your child 12 times a day, there are other things that count. Try snuggling for a few moment before they go to bed or when they get up. A tousle of the hair, pats on the back, or even a high-five count. Making eye contact with a smile is a connection that most people don’t think about to add to your list. Older children may not be so receptive at first, but keep at it, you will eventually wear them down!

Make time to play

Whether it is tossing the ball around, playing with Hot Wheels or Barbie, or even an intense game of chess, checkers, or cards will help keep you and your child connected. Games usually come with laughter, laughter leads to a release of endorphins, which gives the brain the happy signal. Game night has just taken on a new meaning.

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Turn off technology and interact

When you are spending time with your child, that should be the only thing that you are doing. Turn off your technology and plug-in to your child. Your child will know where they rate and where your phone rates on your priority scale.

Make time for one-on-one time with each child

If you have more than one child, quality time with each can be a bit difficult, but not impossible. Schedule about 15-minutes with each child daily and do something unique with that child. For their 15-minutes, it’s just the two of you and no one else!

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Savor the moment

Don’t rush through your bonding time, slow down and enjoy the moment. Remember, they will only be young for a limited time before it is time to send them into the world for their next stage in life. Make meaning for memories with them while you can, savoring every moment. It is something that both of you will enjoy for years to come.

Want more ways to strengthen your bond with your child? Here are a few more tips from the experts that you may want to include in your daily routine.

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