Chef Ileisha Dell Gives an Update on Her Current Relationship Status

On Season 4 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, we’ve witnessed numerous casual hookups and a complicated love triangle that left some of the crew member’s friendships in shambles. However, Chef Ileisha Dell was one yachtie who managed to steer clear of any love drama, thanks to her being off the market.

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And even though Ileisha was in a Relationship during their charter season, this didn’t stop deckhand Chase Lemacks from developing a slight crush on her. At times, it even appeared as though Ileisha was flirting with her crewmate. Despite their chemistry, Ileisha and Chase chose not to pursue anything, at least that was until after the season ended.

Ilesha revealed as much during Part 1 of the virtual Below Deck Sailing Yacht reunion, when host Andy Cohen asked for an update on her relationship.

Ileisha Dell opens up about her love life

“Ileisha, are you still with your same boyfriend?” Andy asked before adding, “Because I was rooting for you and Chase to get together.” Immediately, Ileisha signaled that her relationship was over as she stuck out her tongue and followed up with a throat-slash gesture.

“No boyfriend,” Ileisha responded. She later admitted to breaking up with her former lover once she returned home after filming had ended.

Now with Ileisha “single and ready to mingle,” she finally had the perfect opportunity to see if there was a potential connection with Chase. Ultimately, things didn’t work out between them.

Does Chase Lemacks have a chance with Ileisha Dell?

Ileisha and Chase might still be friends, but Andy wasn’t quick to call it quits on their love as he quipped the duo, “Is there hope for you and Chase or are we all giving this up?”

Ileisha’s response? “I think we’ve given up,” she told Andy. 

Chase also mirrored Ileisha’s thoughts as he shared, “Yeah, just really good friends. We’re all better as friends.”

Ileisha Dell and Chase Lemacks discuss their brief time together

Shortly after, Ileisha expanded on the time they did spend together. “Chase and I was there for each other, and he supported me through a lot of hard times,” she said.

She continued to reveal that they’ve visited each other several times and even shared that she’s traveled to “America” and “Charleston” to see him, which shocked Andy and some of the Parsifal III crew.

Chase concluded his and Ileisha’s love recap by expressing how she is “one of the most amazing people” he’s ever met. He continued, “We live on the opposite ends of the world… I think there’s nothing but love there, but yeah, we’re just friends till this day.”

Find out what else the crew members and Andy discuss from Season 4 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht by tuning into Part 2 of the reunion on Tuesday, July 18, on Bravo at 8/9c and the next day on Peacock.

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