Below Deck Adventure‘s inaugural season was announced on Bravo on September 7, 2022, with its first episode premiering on November 1, 2022. This new series comes in as the 4th spin-off within the Below Deck franchise, after Below Deck Mediterranean, Below Deck Sailing Yacht and Below Deck Down Under.

Unlike its predecessors, Below Deck Adventure tacks on extreme adventures to each guest charter. The crew of this spin-off then joins the guests on said excursions, putting aside their differences found below deck to ensure great memories are made.

The greatest aspect of this spinoff was found within the scenery. If the Fjords of Norway could compete for the most valuable player(s), it would win. Often times, the charter guests and crew alike found themselves at a standstill on the aft deck, taking in the sights as the yacht sailed between moorings.

Regarding the chosen crew members, heated issues popped up often. With threatening behavior that led to a firing, arrogance (and fighting) over higher rankings within departments, and frequent blow-ups in the galley, this season failed to maintain high viewership.

That said, a handful of the cast did stand out for their efforts while onboard motor yacht Mercury. Should Below Deck Adventure get renewed for a Season 2, these faces are the ones we’d most like to see return.

For Season 1, in addition to the landscape(s), here are Below Deck Adventure’s most valuable players.

Nathan Morley


Nathan Morley hails from the Bahamas, lending to his love of the sea. His career within international waters started at the age of 18. According to his BravoTV bio, Nathan “walked into a marina and jokingly asked a captain for a job. When the captain said yes, the rest was history.”

This 2017 event paid off for Nathan in terms of a long-term career with travel perks. Appearing as a deckhand on this latest Below Deck Spin-off, Nathan quickly emerged as one of the most likable crew members this season.

Unfortunately, Nathan found himself the subject of abusive behaviors during the first three episodes. After a drunken crew night out, fellow deckhand Kyle Dickard berated Nathan. Following this incidence, Kyle refused to flush a toilet within their shared cabin. When asked to do so, Kyle threatened Nathan in an incredibly uncomfortable scene.

Once Kyle was asked to resign from the boat, Nathan’s true persona shone. Always cheerful and down to entertain the guests, Nathan’s love for others and his job was apparent.

After falling down a flight of stairs onboard and injuring his leg, Nathan’s smile and positivity remained (minus a few painful grimaces).

When asked to take off his shirt and dance for one particular charter, Nathan jumped right in, saying, “I’d do anything for my guests.”

Throughout the season, Nathan posted many images of himself enjoying life with the guests and the crew. When the season wrapped, he even posted a thoughtful shout out to production for their hard work behind the scenes.

For all of these things, he’s one of Below Deck Adventure’s most valuable players, and we need more of Nathan.

Captain Kerry Titheradge

Kerry Titheradge/Instagram

Captain Kerry Titheradge led his crew fairly and firmly from Mercury’s wheelhouse. A self-described “adventure junkie,” this new series role combined Kerry’s love of the sea and extreme sports perfectly. He easily earns the title of one of Below Deck Adventure’s most valuable players.

Though Captain Kerry received some flack over his firing of Kyle (he persuaded Kyle to resign over being fired), his ability to crack jokes and ease tensions was great to watch.

In addition, Captain Kerry never micromanaged his crew and he gelled well with the guests.

Captain Kerry might actually be returning to our screens sooner rather than later, as he is rumored to be replacing Captain Lee Rosbach on the original Below Deck series for Season 11. Captain Lee’s firing was a tough pill to swallow (insert a maritime law joke here), but Captain Kerry is definitely a great option to take over in his absence.

Faye Clarke

Faye Clarke/Instagram

Leading the interior department as the Chief Stew was Faye Clarke. Faye put a lot of pressure on herself this season to always over perform. A perfectionist of sorts, Faye made sure that there were always more than enough activities and “nibbles” for the guests to partake in, on and off of the boat.

This level of organization irked some of the crew, so Faye began to slink back on her demands. It resulted in many unsung “I told you so’s” when guests found their food or activities lacking during charters. The only pitfall Faye made was demanding that her team always have their hair down and makeup on when guests were onboard. Shortly after, a guest found hair in their food.

Hopefully this was a lesson learned that will not be repeated.

With a fun-loving spirit, an organized way of leading, and a bubbly personality, Faye’s leadership held her team together. Gracious was she tired by the end, however.

For the record, Stewardess Kasie Faddah‘s ever changing accent was also a valuable player this season. It was giving Dorit Kemsley.


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