Before the 90 Days Season 6 Couples Ranked

90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days Season 6 is well underway, and now that all eight couples have been introduced, it is time to analyze their chances of staying together. Season 6 features an interesting mix of cast members, with Gino Palazzolo and Jasmine Pineda being the only returning Couple. The other seven couples are already proving to be just as dramatic as Gino and Jasmine, and while some may have a real chance at a future, others appear to just be wasting their time.

David & Sheila – Very Solid

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David Dangerfield and his girlfriend Sheila are the strongest couple of Season 6 so far, and the pair have the best chances of working out post show. The couple met on an online group for deaf singles, as David is deaf while Sheila is hard of hearing. They had an instant connection, which they have been growing online for the last two years.

After meeting in person, David and Sheila appeared to be smitten with one another, and they have not had any real issues. Sheila has a slight problem with jealousy, but that does not seem to have had a negative effect on her Relationship with David so far. David and Sheila are very compatible, and there is definitely a high chance their relationship will last.

Statler & Dempsey – Pretty Solid

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While Statler and Dempsey were only just introduced on Before The 90 Days Season 6, there are already signs that they will be one of the less chaotic couples this season. Statler met her girlfriend Dempsey online, when she changed her Dating App location to England. After several months of talking, Statler is finally traveling to meet Dempsey for the first time.

Statler admitted that she struggles with insecurity at times, but her and Dempsey do not have any hard hitting issues yet. Furthermore, since Statler and Dempsey were introduced so late in the season, it is unlikely that their storyline will be as complex as most of the other couples. As a result, there will likely not be much drama in their storyline, which is of course a good thing.

Meisha & Nicola – Solid Enough

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Meisha Johnson is already running into some conflict with her Israeli boyfriend Nicola, although they are still more compatible than most of this season’s couples. Nicola connected with Meisha online after she converted to Catholicism, which he is also an avid follower of. The two connected over their shared passion for seven years, before deciding to meet in person.

After meeting in person, Meisha and Nicola discovered some differences of theirs, such as Nicola being unhappy with Meisha’s lack of organization. Furthermore, Meisha is unhappy that Nicola has kept her a secret from his family. Nonetheless, Meisha and Nicola’s strong connection over their faith may just be enough to keep them together, despite their minor problems.

Gino & Jasmine – Chaotic, But Probably Won’t Break Up

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Gino and Jasmine have already had several explosive fights, and are somehow running into more problems on Season 6 than they did during Season 5. After traveling to Panama to visit Jasmine, Gino quickly became concerned with Jasmine’s spending habits, after seeing her new apartment that costs $3,000 a month. This has caused a huge rift between the couple, as it also makes Gino lose interest in being intimate with Jasmine.

Jasmine is also hiding things from Gino, including the fact that she lives in the same building as her ex-boyfriend Dane, whom she is still friends with. Gino is starting to pick up on Jasmine’s behavior, and is starting to suspect that she may be cheating on him. Despite their many red flags, Gino and Jasmine seem to overcome all of their issues with ease, so it would be a shock if they were to ever break up.

Amanda & Razvan – Probably Won’t Work

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Amanda Wilhelm and Razvan Ciocoi are one of those couples that fans want to work out, but realistically probably won’t. The duo met online, shortly after the death of Amanda’s husband Jason from cancer. Razvan has been a great support system for Amanda, but the mother of two does not appear fully ready to move on.

After meeting Razvan in Romania, Amanda’s attitude toward him changed drastically, to the dismay of many viewers. Amanda is unhappy about Razvan’s career in the entertainment industry and exhibits jealousy, yet she refused to be in his music video so that he would not have to kiss another woman. While Razvan is trying to compromise to make things with Amanda work, she does not seem to be putting in the same effort.

Christian & Cleo – Not Very Compatible

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Christian Allgood traveled to England to meet his girlfriend Cleo for the first time, although the couple might just have too many differences. Cleo is transgender and neurodivergent, and Christian has never dated someone who identifies as either. Christian’s friends expressed concerns about him and Cleo, and worried that Christian did not understand what he was getting himself into.

After meeting face to face, the vibes between Christian and Cleo felt somewhat awkward. Christian went right to bed, and the two did not spend much quality time on their first night together. While Christian and Cleo have developed a strong connection online, it is unclear whether they will maintain that strong relationship in person.

Riley & Violet – All Over The Place

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Riley and Violet face a new issue with each episode, so it would be a miracle if the two actually end up staying together. Before traveling to Vietnam to meet Violet, Riley discovered that she had sent dozens of alarming text messages to his father regarding their relationship. Riley also admitted that he felt Violet was hiding things from him, and even considered hiring a private investigator to look into her.

After meeting in person, Riley’s concerns with Violet just continued to grow. Violet told Riley that she was busy and could not spend his first day in Vietnam with him, which caused him to doubt things even more. Violet did not help by calling Riley “old and ugly” to a Vietnamese store clerk, then proceeding to tell Riley what she had said. While Riley had high expectations for Violet, it is probably best for the pair to just go their separate ways.

Tyray & Carmella – Not Even A Real Couple

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Tyray Mollett raved about his online girlfriend Carmella during the Season 6 premiere, however, producers later revealed that Carmella was actually a catfish. While Tyray’s storyline is continuing to document his journey to find the person behind the profile, it is clear that Carmella does not really exist. Since Carmella is not a real person, Tyray’s relationship cannot even be considered an actual one.


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