Are Kimberly and Tejaswi Still Together?

90 Day Fiancé stars Kimberly Rochelle and Tejaswi Goswami may have met by fate, but did their love stand the test of time? Keep reading to find out if they’re still together and everything we know about their current Relationship status. 

How Did 90 Day Fiance’s Kimberly and Tejaswi Meet?

During their debut on season 5 of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Tejaswi, 33, revealed he met Kimberly two years prior after joining a spiritual group on social media. Looking to meet like-minded individuals, it was there he crossed paths with Kimberly. While she initially ignored his friend request, he called her his “destiny” and began to manifest her.

“So, I just took a screenshot of Kimberly’s profile picture and started meditation that she should text me,” he said in his confessional on the July 17 episode. “And she texted me the next day.”

Kimberly shared a similar spiritual experience when recounting their initial meeting. “One day I just, I had a dream. And that dream helped me find my fiancé,” the Alabama native explained. “We were in the desert riding dune buggies and I could just tell how happy I was. We were moving fast and having fun just feeling free. It felt like a metaphor for the life that I was going to have with this person.” 

After speaking to her spirit guides, she said not “too much later” the India native reached out. 

What Challenges Will Tejaswi and Kimberly Face?

While Tejaswi (who also goes by TJ) and Kimberly are on the road to tying the knot, TJ described his family as “traditional.” Despite his parents accepting the relationship with the U.S. native, he admitted it would be “easier” if he was marrying an Indian woman.

“My family expects for Kimberly to be like a traditional wife in India,” he told producers. “Contributing to the household work. But I’m not telling Kimberly. Right now, the priority is just like, get married first, all other things can be talked later on.”

Are 90 Day Fiance’s Tejaswi and Kimberly Still Together?

While TJ and Kimberly’s love story is currently playing out onscreen, there is a good sign the Couple is still making their romance work

A day before their debut on the spinoff, the voice actor shared a sweet message dedicated to his fiancée.

“You know what, distance is just a temporary obstacle when love is pure and unbreakable,” he shared via Instagram in July 2023 alongside a clip from their segment. “Every stolen glance and gentle touch will remind you that love knows no bounds!”

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