Amanda Holden’s ex Les Dennis’ mind-blowing connection to her husband Chris Hughes revealed

Amanda Holden‘s ex-husband, Les Dennis, has revealed a surprising connection to her spouse, Chris Hughes

The BGT judge was married to Les, 69, for eight years, tying the knot in 1995 when she was just 22 and he was 40 years old. However, in 2002 they split after Affair-20-years-after-split/”>Amanda had an affair with actor Neil Morrissey

She went on to marry her second husband, Chris, in 2008, and in an unexpected twist of fate, Les already knew of the record producer having met him when he was just a child. 

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Amanda Holden and Les Dennis were married for eight years

It turns out that Chris’ dad, Mike Hughes, was Les’ manager after he signed the then-aspiring entertainer in the 70s. Appearing on White Wine Question Time with Kate Thornton, the former Family Fortunes star recalled the moment he first saw Chris. 

“I tell this story in my book that when Mike became my manager in 1973 and Lynne and I were about to get married – my first wife, Lynne – we were excited that Mike had become my manager,” Les said.

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Amanda Holden was 22 when she married Les Dennis, who was 40

“She said, ‘Let’s drive past his house’ because he lived on Queens Drive in Liverpool, we passed, and the curtains were open, and I went, ‘Look, there he is’, and we saw Mike Hughes picking up a little child and swinging the child around.” 

Les added: “Lynne, later, after a lot of things had happened in my life said to me, ‘Just think, if we’d known then, had somebody tapped on our shoulders as we were sat in the front of the car and said to us then that you two are going to marry next year, but your marriage won’t last, and you Les will marry a younger woman who will one day then marry the child that is being swung around in that room.'”

Les Dennis with his wife, Claire Nicholson © Getty
Les Dennis with his wife, Claire Nicholson

Les was married to his first wife, Lynn Webster, for 16 years and they welcomed a son, Phillip, now 43, before they split in 1990. He has been married to his third wife, Claire Nicholson, since 2009 and together they share two children, daughter Eleanor, 15, and son Thomas, 12. Amanda has two children of her own, daughters Lexi, 17, and Hollie, 11, who she shares with Chris. 

There appears to be no bad blood between Amanda and Les now following their split. In June, the former Coronation Street star revealed he has forgiven her for having an affair during their marriage. “Amanda was in the papers recently, saying some nice things about me. That was very kind of her,” he told The Times.

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Amanda Holden has been married to Chris Hughes since 2008

“Maybe with time, she has been able to look back and see things differently. We’re not in touch but I am happy that she’s happy.” He added: “I can watch Britain’s Got Talent without getting angry. To be honest, it’s like watching a different person, someone I’ve never met.”

Meanwhile, he also revealed during his podcast appearance that if anyone was going to play Amanda in a film about his life, it would be her. He explained: “Well, I suppose Amanda would have to be there. It’s a chapter in my life that was huge, and I have no idea who to cast in that role.” 

When Kate suggested that “Amanda could probably pull that one off herself”, he replied: “Maybe, maybe yes.”

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