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From lunges, squats to weight lifting, Samantha does it all like a pro. And, it’s no wonder that she has one of the hottest bods in town. Not just a great body, did you ever look at her skin? It’s too good to believe. She literally glows and shines in Makeup looks. If you are wondering how she maintains it all, let us tell you that her diet maintains a key role. Yes, a healthy diet can make your skin look perfect and flawless. She maintains a strict workout routine and follows a well-balanced diet to keep herself fit and healthy. Take a look below to know about her fitness, diet, and flawless skin.

Samantha’s diet chart for a fit and fab body and flawless skin

A sneak peek into her everyday diet

Samantha follows various diets and it’s all things healthy. She follows a plant-based vegan diet and that’s no non-vegetarian, no dairy, just veggies and a lot of veggies. She also revealed that she loves rice. 

Samantha usually starts her day with a bowl of fresh fruits, oats, and nuts. Along with fruit juice or smoothie. She also eats dry fruits in the morning. 

For lunch, she goes the basic way with rice but brown rice, vegetable curry with less oil, and loves South Indian delicacies like rasam, sambar, dal, and more. The actress makes sure to eat in small quantities. 

In the evenings, for snacks, Samantha picks up a fruit, smoothie, or green tea. And followed by that is dinner, before 6 PM. Samantha’s dinner usually consists of a bowl of soup, quinoa, and steamed vegetables.

The Yashoda actress also enjoys cheat days. And why not right? She believes in the 80/20 rule, where 80% of the time, she follows a healthy diet, and the remaining 20% of the time, she enjoys her favorite foods in moderation. Desserts and biryani are her favorite cheat meals.

Apart from food, Samantha drinks a lot of water. Everybody must have heard that hydration is an important thing. And, water is what will keep the body hydrated and also kill dead skin cells. For glowing skin, a good amount of water intake is a must. 

And, fried and processed food is a big no-no too as they can impact the body and skin.

Professional front

Just a few days ago, the actress first wrapped up a shoot of the Telugu film Kushi with Vijay Deverakonda. Directed by Shiva Nirvana, the film is scheduled to release on September 1. She also completed the last schedule of her Hindi web series Citadel with Varun Dhawan in Mumbai as well.

Now, she is on a break. The actress started off her sabbatical with a road trip and visited the golden temple in Vellore. She took blessings from the divine Devi and will reportedly head to her healing sessions.

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