Kelly Ripa swears by two different tinted moisturizers – and they’re both under $50

Kelly Ripa always looks flawless while presenting LIVE with Kelly and Mark, and we know the reason why. 

In an interview with American Glamour she revealed some key beauty tips and tricks – including the lip plumping balm she loves and the botox she gets regularly

But we were fascinated by the Makeup products she uses for her TV work. She told the journalist: “I use two kinds of tinted sunscreen moisturizer. The first one is Laura Mercier and the second one is TiZO3’s primer sunscreen.”

She continued: “I love the Laura Mercier tinted sunscreen because it’s a great moisturizer, but it doesn’t look chalky. The TiZO3 also works as a makeup primer, so it takes away any shine that the Laura Mercier moisturizer put on my face. Because I have to go on camera I’m mindful of the shine factor.”

Shop Kelly Ripa’s two favorite tinted moisturizers

Kelly, 52, is convinced that wearing makeup has damaged her skin. She said: “I’ve been wearing television makeup for 33 years, and I can tell you with complete surety that it’s the most damaging thing there is for skin. I look at my mom, who is 82, and has almost no wrinkles. She looks amazing. She has never done anything to herself, but she doesn’t wear makeup. I think that right there is the telltale that this stuff builds up and stresses the skin.”

Interestingly, in the interview, the mum-of-two revealed she doesn’t wear eye cream. “I don’t use eye cream, but my eye doctor told me something that is very beneficial if you’re like me and put on sunscreen every day, even indoors. What he advised me to do at night for 30 seconds is to wash my eyelids and lashes with Johnson & Johnson plain baby shampoo. You know, the yellow good old-fashioned shampoo. 

“He said that breaks down the oil glands in your eyes—because sunscreen and all of those eye creams can really build up and block those pores. He said the best way to have a maintenance routine is to make sure at the end of the day I scrub around my eyes. Don’t get the kind with the conditioner—just the regular kind.”

For $2.99 that’s a tip we’ll be taking on board. 

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