How to get Margot Robbie’s Barbie-inspired makeup according to a pro makeup artist

Barbiecore shows no signs of stopping this summer thanks to plenty of inspiration from Margot Robbie (her iconic press-tour wardrobe lives in our minds rent-free frankly.)

In celebration of Barbie’s cinematic release in the UK we teamed up with Makeup artist Yasmin Salmon who gave us the lowdown on how to create a wearable look inspired by the world-renowned doll. 

Yasmin Salmon recreated the iconic doll's makeup
Yasmin Salmon recreated the iconic doll’s makeup

“This look is inspired by one of the first Barbie dolls I remember playing with. The 2002 Barbie Mermaid Fantasy. I used to obsess over her pink crimped hair that matched her perfectly pink lipstick and sparkly pink eyeshadow,” Yasmin explains, “Her name was Rose. A name I called about 90% of my dolls at the time. I wanted to replicate Rose’s makeup but make it more wearable. Step into nostalgia.”

 Here are the products I used to recreate Barbie’s makeup look:

 Step 1:Collagen/products/pure-collagen-spray” rel=”nofollow”> Carol Joy Pure collagen spray 

I love this product as it is a great way to wake up skin and hydrate it before applying makeup. This product is also great for plumping and improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Step 2: Mz Skin – Lift and lustre , radiant Serum 

This serum is not only great for hydrating the skin. But also leaving you with visibly glowing skin from the first application. I use this product on all my clients as it gives the most natural glowing skin effect. 

Step 3: Augustinus Bader – The rich cream 

I have naturally dry skin so this product is great for smoothing out my skin’s texture. 

Step 4: Lisa Eldrige – Seamless foundation (Shade 12)

I love this foundation as it is the perfect in between of not overly matter and not super dewy. Much like a barbie doll’s complexion. 

Step 5: Lancome – Teint Idole ultra wear concealer (shade 04)

This concealer is great for lifting up the colour. And bringing light to areas that need it. It’s a lightweight formula so it is buildable.

Step 6: Laura Mercier – Brown eyebrow pencil (warm brunette) 

This brow pencil has a creamy consistency making it easy to buff onto the skin without pulling and lasts all day without fading.

Step 7: Charlotte tilbury – Hollywood contour wand 

This is my go-to contour applicator, it is very easy to use and looks great on everyone. Barbie has defined features so I like to enhance them with this product  

Step 8: Christian Louboutin Beauty – Blush & Highlighter (Shade So Chic)

I like this palette as I not only use it as a blush and highlighter but also as an eyeshadow palette. It’s super pigmented making it quick and easy to apply 

Step 9: Sweed Beauty – Sastin eye pencil (shade Black)

My do to eye pencil. It creamy formula makes it super easy to blend and is also great for creating smokey eye looks

Step 10: Sweed Beauty- Satin eye pencil (shade Light)

I like applying this pencil on the lower lash line as it makes the eyes look a lot wider giving you a doll-like effect. 

Step 11: Code8 – lash sophisticate mascara 

A great buildable mascara, with vitamin E and A help with Fashion and protecting your lashes from environmental damage.

Step 12: Sweed Beauty – No lash cluster false lashes 

To enhance the eyes I used some false lashes. Creating that wide eyed doll look. With this I only applied them to the outer corners of the eyes. As I wanted to pay homage to the 1950-1960s Barbie makeup look. 

Step 13: Code8 – Bronzer (Shade Positano)

My go-to bronzer at the moment. The powder is very milled down giving it a natural effect, which can also be buildable 

Step 14: Code8 lipstick – bespoke (Shade Barbie Pink)

I created this bespoke lipstick shade in-store. I wanted a shade that reminded me of the Barbie pink I grew up with: Bold, bright and brilliant. 

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