Erika Jayne’s Complaints Will Always Fall On Deaf Ears

Erika Jayne of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is not the easiest housewife to feel sympathetic for. With songs like “Xxpensive,” it is hard to understand the mother of one’s true plight when it seemed like so much of her life was spent living in the lap of luxury. Yes, so she bartended in a Hackensack strip club, but this employment doesn’t automatically grant her a people of the world card. Erika has yet to figure out how to sell that she is, in fact, a victim in her own life. Instead, Erika Jayne’s complaints have grown tiresome for Bravo fans.

Season 12 showed Erika in a disturbing light, as she drank too much and spoke her truth. Bravo cameras caught her talking callously about the victims of her ex-husband, Tom Girardi‘s scams. Without a flicker of remorse, Erika put herself first and alienated those around her who were trying to be her support system.

Erika Isn’t Hurting for Cash

Erika Jayne/Instagram

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 12 showed Erika downsizing from her Pasadena mansion. The singer’s old abode had a private church and lavish grounds, but Erika’s new home is much smaller. However, it’s still more than most viewers could ever afford. While Erika was often getting upset about her lack of finances, there were still times she had her Glam Squad around. As anyone who is anyone knows, a professional squad doesn’t come cheap.

Erika also made a living by working as a lingerie ambassador for Savage Fenty, Rihanna‘s clothing line. Even though Erika’s six months contract has not been renewed, she did make a pretty penny and even appeared in the company’s second fashion show. Even amid all the legal woes, Erika seemed to handle herself just fine, even if she had to repeat an outfit or two. 

Erika Landed a Las Vegas Residency

Erika Jayne/Instagram

It almost feels like Erika is being rewarded for her bad behavior over the last few months. And even though she may not be guilty of aiding Tom, fans still feel she is a major villain in the 90210 franchise.

The blonde bombshell announced her Las Vegas residency in April, with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans having mixed reactions. The main question is how can Erika get up on stage and sing about living such an exquisite life when she was given most of her money from Tom? And frankly, who is buying a ticket? 

Erika Loves Explicit Language

Erika Jayne/Instagram

Without a doubt, Erika lives her life unapologetically and genuinely doesn’t seem to care what others think of her. However, some language doesn’t sit well with followers. Now when Erika complains about her issues, it is hard for viewers to take her seriously because, for multiple seasons, she came across as an ice queen. 

Erika Is a Bully

Erika Jayne/Instagram

No one in their right mind roots or ever feels sorry for a bully. Erika has taken extra time to pick on housewives who she deems less than her. For instance, Season 11 showed her going after Sutton Stracke to the point where she came across as threatening. During a dinner at Kathy Hilton‘s home, Erika became so enraged that she told her fellow Georgia Peach to “shut the fu*k up.” It is hard to empathize with a woman who comes across as mean and doesn’t find it hard to treat people in her inner circle badly. 

Erika’s Divorce Feels Like a Sham

Erika Jayne/Instagram

Even though Erika claimed to give “zero fu*ks” years ago, these past few years have shown that Erika knows how to play the PR game. While she denied any involvement with Tom’s scandals, she also didn’t exactly speak out in her own defense. Instead, she often clapped back on social media, making her look even worse. Erika announced her separation on Election Day, probably hoping the information would get lost in the news cycle. 

Even though it makes sense that Erika’s hands are tied, as she is following the advice of her lawyers, some, including co-stars Kyle Richards and Lisa Rinna, felt that she could have acknowledged the victims. Overall, Erika’s minuscule complaints will continue to be ignored unless she really comes across as remorseful, which we highly doubt will happen. 


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