Dolores Catania Wants to Drop More Weight After Losing 20 Pounds

We all need to collectively beg the stunning Dolores Catania to stop messing with herself. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star has gone through some changes since becoming a Bravolebrity, but when is enough enough?

Obviously, it’s everyone’s choice to nip and tuck themselves, and they should do so if it makes them feel better. However, there must be an end game before things get out of control. Along with everyone else in the universe, Dolores has recently admitted to using Ozempic to complement her surgical procedures. Now she’s saying she wants to lose more weight. The U.S. Sun has details.

Not stopping at 20

After a recent Watch What Happens Live appearance, viewers noticed Dolores’ visible weight loss. Before she met Mounjaro, she visited the Land of Oz for two years and then took a break. Apparently, Dolores’ goal “is to be in the low 130s.” At this time, she’s down 20 pounds and still not satisfied.

“I’m being realistic. Right now, I’m 137. I was 157 when I started,” Dolores admitted. She added, “I jumped to 163 – I was going there. Like, I was gaining weight every month. So then when I finally kicked in… the problem is, like, if you don’t start it, it takes time to work.”

“It doesn’t happen overnight. It doesn’t come off easy,” she added. It must not be too difficult for the weight to go down if everyone is using it.

According to Dolores, she was taking Ozempic and its bestie on medical advice. “I took Ozempic, stopped, and then begun [sic] Mounjaro. I was medically prescribed for both because I am insulin resistance/pre-diabetic and have a thyroid issue.” What an interesting coincidence.

Ozempic is expensive

“You know, everyone’s losing so much weight [on it]. It’s questionable – what are the repercussions of this when everyone’s done? Is there side effects?” she continued.

“All the doctors that I spoke to said ‘no’,” she explained. Well, I guess “no” except for those pesky blood sugar spikes and weight gain. Dolores shifted over to Mounjaro because Ozempic became too expensive. “I stopped taking it because it was expensive and everything.”

Despite her numerous cosmetic surgery procedures and admitting to taking both Ozempic and Mounjaro, she actually says living a healthy lifestyle is cheap. “But being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle is cheap – it’s free! I work out regularly. There is no easy fix for weight loss and I have to watch what I eat.” Um, sure, Jan.

Best of luck to Dolores as she continues her journey!


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