Barbie: Why was Katie Price not invited to premiere? Model slams ‘snobbery’ in industry, calls it ridiculous

Greta Gerwig’s fantasy comedy adventure film Barbie has been all anyone can talk about in the past few months. The posters, the trailers, the marketing, the premieres, the promotional looks: everything about the movie has been widely talked about. Katie Price, who was not invited to the premiere of Barbie, has called out the “snobbery” that goes on in the showbiz and entertainment industry and called it ridiculous.

Why was Katie Price not invited to the Barbie premiere? 

During an episode of her podcast The Katie Price Show, the model spoke about not being invited to the London premiere of Barbie and called out the industry for its snobbery and ridiculous behavior. The description of the episode titled “Nose job, Barbie and ‘old’ history” says, “As we’re loving the pod so much, we thought we would give you an extra episode this week! We talk all about my new nose job, why I didn’t get to go to the Barbie premier.”

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While the Barbie premiere was a star-studded event that saw the cast of the film including Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling making an appearance, other public figures including the Love Island cast members were invited to the celebration. Price took to her podcast to talk about how she was not invited to the premiere and claimed it was because she overshadows everyone when she attends. She also slammed the industry during her rant in the episode.

Katie Price slams ‘snobbery’ in industry, calls it ridiculous

“I didn’t get an invite, everyone. I’m not big-headed, but what does annoy me is people go to film premieres half the time because they want to be pictured on the red carpet, that’s why they make an effort with what they wear. Every time I’ve been on the red carpet, I don’t know why, but I always overshadow whoever is in it. I get the most press,” the 45-year-old said.

The media personality added that she loves Barbie and would have gone with a completely Glam look if she had been invited. “I would’ve been a perfect person to go there because I would’ve been so over the top with the Barbie,” the media personality complained. “It’s like, the snobbery that goes on in this industry is just ridiculous. Anyway, it don’t matter. I’ll look at the pictures and look how s**t people look,” the English model concluded.

Price also talked about her nose job and the bandages on her face due to the recent cosmetic procedure. She said she would have worn a Barbie mask to cover her nose if she was invited to the premiere. It was a corrective surgery after a poorly done lip lift procedure and Price got it done in June in Belgium. Barbie releases in theatres on July 21, 2023.

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