Why is Sarah Shahi backing out from Sex/Life Season 2? Deets inside

Yet again, Netflix had to let go of Sex/Life season 2, which would have been a refresher for the viewers. Following two seasons, Netflix has decided to cancel Sex/Life.

The sexual drama’s decision to cancel its renewal comes a little over a month after the second season’s six episodes, two fewer than season 1, were shown, and weeks after star Sarah Shahi, who plays protagonist Billie Connelly, agreed to take the lead in ABC’s newest courtroom drama, Judgement.

A Netflix representative told Deadline on Friday, April 7, that Sex/Life’s episode “wrapped up the narratives for important characters whose relationships come to a joyful finish,” bringing the series “to a natural close.” The representative also stated that the streamer is “proud of the programme and the hard work of producers, actors, and crew.”

Here is what happened and what Sarah Shahi said.

The conclusion of Season 2, which debuted last month, had Billie reconciling with her ex and the two exchanging vows on a beach. Yet according to Rukeyser, Billie and Brad’s happily ever after was never intended to be the show’s series conclusion.

Shahi admitted earlier this month that she “didn’t receive the same support” during filming of Sex/Second Life’s season as she had when the programme first aired. Shahi and Demos have been dating since December 2020.

“For me, it changed significantly, and I’m not scared to express that. I had trouble with the content,” she said in a “Not Skinny But Nor Fat” podcast episode. “I mean, after saying all this, I’m never going to work for Netflix again.

“That was simply tough, but that’s part of what I do,” she continued. I won’t always get along with or agree with a filmmaker. Although I won’t always agree with what I have to say or do, it is my responsibility to make it credible.

In the podcast, Shahi noted, “The second season was a letdown.” I really like working with him on our stories, so I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to do that as often. Despite the fact that she had high aspirations Shahi revealed candidly to Us Weekly in June 2021 how freeing it is for her to portray the character of Billie, particularly in light of how sex is handled throughout the course of her journey.

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