Which one of the Real Housewives stars allegedly had a one-night stand with Matt Damon? Read to find out

Real Housewives star Teddi Mellencamp has revealed in an interview that she had a one-night stand with the Good Will Hunting star Matt Damon.

Did Teddi Mellencamp and Matt Damon have a one-night stand?

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Teddi Mellencamp has made a revelation that has shocked the fans of the show. The 41-year-old star revealed that she had one nightstand with Matt Damon almost two decades ago. She spilled the beans when she appeared on SiriusXM’s Jeff Lewis Live with after her Two Ts in a Pod co-host Tamra Judge persuaded her to reveal the name of the A-list celebrity she mentioned she slept with when she was 20. 

“She mentioned it on a podcast, and then went back and told producers, ‘Take that guy’s name out,'” the Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamara Judge told the host. She said, “And so now, I tell people, ‘If you guys wanna know, just DM, and I’ll tell you who it is.'” To which Teddi added, “She tells people on the DMs. I’m like, ‘Stop telling people!’ I did not want to out this guy. Who knows?” 

She revealed how she met the celebrity when she was 20 but used a fake ID to get into the club where they met. “He was probably 30 – 10 years older,” Teddi confessed. “I only slept with him one night. He didn’t get my number.” When coaxed into revealing the name of the celeb, she hinted that they had a very famous best friend. While her friend Tamra said that his initials were “MD.” It did not take the show hosts to guess that the celebrity they were talking about was true, Matt Damon. Upon asking, Teddi confessed, saying her one-night stand was Matt Damon. 

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Teddi Mellencamp and husband Edwin Arroyave

Teddi married Edwin in 2011, he is the CEO of Skyline Security Management. They also have 4 children together Dove, Cruz, Slate, and Isabella. Their Relationship initially started out as a one-night stand but developed into more. 

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