Where can I buy Solar Buddies applicator?

Dragons’ Den series 20 concludes tonight with episode 14, and pitches include Solar Buddies sunscreen applicator and a brand of bears which aim to improve mental health.

Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden, Touker Suleyman, Sara Davies and Steven Bartlett are all looking to invest in new money-making ventures but who will get them to bite? Here’s everything you need to know about this week’s Dragons’ Den pitches and where you can buy all the featured products.

Sara Davies listens to pitch on Dragons' Den
Mum-of-two Sara Davies sees the potential in Solar Buddies… (Credit; BBC)

Dragons’ Den pitches: Solar Buddies sunscreen applicator

Laura Water and Kelli Aspland are the first in the Den, with their Solar Buddies sunscreen applicator.

The product has a sponge to help children apply sunscreen themselves, and the device is refillable, allowing consumers to put in the sunscreen of their choice. Laura and Kelli tell the Dragons that the product was inspired by needing their kids to apply sunscreen at school, where teachers can’t assist them.

They also share that people in sports and people with dexterity issues have been picking up the product too. Solar Buddies is available on Amazon and on the high street in Boots. Mum-of-two Sara Davies tells Laura and Kelli that she understands the struggle, so will she invest in the kid-friendly sunscreen applicator?

Dragons Den pitches: Hello Klean shower care

Next into the Den are husband and wife team Karlee and Omar Ozener with their company Hello Klean.

Karlee tells the Dragons that she found that hard water was causing her to lose hair and have problems with dry skin. She says the only thing that worked was using a shower filter to reduce unwanted impurities in hard water. This became Hello Klean’s first product. Hello Klean also offers a clarifying scalp soap. They also have nourishing micro-nutrient wash, which releases “tight feeling” skin after a shower.

Karlee impresses the Dragons with how easy the filter is to install. Especially when they learn 65% of the UK is affected by hard water. Karlee and Omar ask the Dragons for £100,000 for a 2 per cent share in their business. Omar and Karlee say that youngest Dragon Steven Bartlett is the Dragon they hope will invest. But will the hard water shower care brand catch his eye?

Touker Suleyman smiles with whiskey glass on Dragons Den
Touker Suleyman is definitely happy to try some whiskey! (Credit: BBC)

Where can I find Scotch Galore Whiskies?

Another husband and wife team, Steven and Jacqueline Pine are third to pitch to the Dragons about their unique whiskey selling site, Scotch Galore Whiskies.

Steven and Jacqueline tell the Dragons that they have streamlined a way to buy and sell whiskey on a one-stop online platform. They explain that customers would have to sell their whiskey on auctions before their site came along. On their site, they can fix the sale price as an auction alternative. Steven and Jacqueline are asking the Dragons for £65,000 for 10 per cent of their business.

Touker Suleyman is very enthusiastic about trying the whiskey samples. But will he be as happy to invest the money that the pair are asking for? And Peter Jones shares his concerns about how they verify fake whiskey, will they be able to put his mind at ease?

Dragons’ Den Solar Buddies: Mood Bears

Jo Proud is the last in the Den this series, with her adorable teddy bear brand, Mood Bears.

Jo says that she designed her first bear while struggling with her own mental health in 2019. When she received the bear, her husband noted that it was the first time he had seen her smile in a long time. It made Jo realise that other people could be helped by her colourful teddies.

The sweet bears represent different emotions and feelings and come with a poem to help you understand how the emotion you’re feeling. She asks £20,000 in exchange for 10% equity, and tells the Dragon that the bears were needed more than ever during the pandemic and have been popular with people of all ages.

Jo tells the Dragons she has sold over 11,000 bears so far, but wants to see her business grow even more with new bears. Touker Suleyman and Sara Davies are very happy to give Hope Bear a cuddle, but will they hold onto their money, or invest it in Mood Bears?

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