Vince McMahon’s New Look Goes Viral On Twitter: ‘Looking Like The Pillow Man’

By Anita Tai.

Fans are divided over Vince McMahon’s makeover.

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) exec and beloved personality revealed a new look during his appearance on CNBC Monday morning.

With freshly dyed dark hair and a thin moustache, he announced the sale of the WWE to Endeavor, who own the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

WWE Expects To Spend ‘$10 Million This Year’ On Internal Vince McMahon Investigation

Fans were stunned by the news, but even more surprised by the businessman’s appearance.

“Vince out here looking like a young Howard Stark,” wrote one fan.

“Looking like the pillow man,” joked another.


Another fan speculated it may not be McMahon, tweeting, “That’s not Vince McMahon. That’s his evil twin brother “Vic” McMahon, who once serve as the higher power of the stable known as ‘The Corporate Ministry.’”

Vince McMahon Retiring As WWE’s CEO

Despite the jokes about his appearance, McMahon’s announcement created ripples in the wrestling community.

Along with the sale, he also revealed he would be involved in the company’s creative direction “on a higher level,” but not “in the weeds.” This revelation comes after he returned to his executive position after stepping down in July 2022 amidst sexual misconduct accusations.

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