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Blac Chyna, Cardi B and more stars have been taking steps to remove their Breast implants, fillers, and illegally-administered silicone buttocks injections after suffering from many complications due to the surgeries. Most recently, Blac (b. Angela White) told Access Hollywood that her buttocks would “get super inflamed” and “really, really hard and really, really hot” due to the injections, after revealing they were administered when she was 19 and not performed by a licensed professional. She also admitted her surgery to remove them took over 8 hours, due to complications.

“Majority of soft tissue filling in the United States is with small volumes of temporary fillers approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA)…these are what we commonly see on social media being used for the lips and cheeks for subtle enhancements. As we progress to large volume filling for areas like the buttocks and breast, there is no FDA-approved filler and to be crystal clear the only choice (besides approved implants) is the patients own fat,” explained board-certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ryan Neinstein, founder of Neinstein Plastic Surgery in New York City. “In our Manhattan-based practice every single day we are using our patients’ own fat for elegant and finesse enhancements. To do this safely and predictably requires the harmony of board certification training, state of the art surgical facilities, and best in class instrumentation. Unfortunately, yet understandably, many will not want to go through the regimented and expensive process of having these procedures with a board-certified Plastic Surgeon.”

Blac Chyna before her filler removal. (Shutterstock)

Dr. Neinstein explained that “a growing number of large-volume injections are being performed by non-medical personnel” and, similar to what Chyna described, the unsafe process “involves non-medical grade products such as non-sterile gels, cement, glue, tire sealant and liquid silicone.” He warned that receiving these non-FDA approved injections “may lead to potentially chronic and debilitating or life-threatening complications.”

“Problems arising from illegal, non-safe buttock fillers can be thought of as early and late issues. During the time of injection, if the material is placed in a blood vessel, immediate death can occur. Patients also may present with dead or necrotic tissues and even flesh-eating disease from infection,” the plastic surgery expert explained. “Frequently patients will present to the hospital many years after treatment with feelings of unwell such as fevers and chills and they will have noticed lumps, bumps, color changes in the areas that were injected.”

Chyna has since documented the removal process, which Dr. Neinstein calls “incredibly painful.” “Treatment is complicated, expensive, and requires a high level of surgical expertise…it needs to be done with accuracy and knowledge to avoid complications,” he explained to HL. “Surgically the areas need to be removed, since the material is liquid it spreads like oil in sand and therefore a lot of the buttocks typically has to be removed. What is unfortunate is the removal process requires multiple surgeries which means lengthy hospital stays. Months after everything has been removed, the patient may seek reconstructive surgery to try and regain sense of self.”

Chyna echoed Dr. Neinsten’s warnings, telling her followers, “I just want all the ladies out there to know: Do not get silicone shots. You can get sick, you can die, have complications, and all this other crazy stuff.” She also revealed that her silicone removal surgery took longer than expected, because the material that was removed kept “clogging the machine.” Post-op, the mom of two sat down with her surgeon Dr. Matlock, who said, “You can see deformities, discoloration of the skin. You can see thinning of the skin. You can see all kinds of things going on. The best thing is: Just don’t do it.”

Dr. Neinstein reinforced those statements and also provided those who would like to enhance their curves a safe option to do so. “Multiple times a week I perform buttock enhancement using patients own fat as part of their procedure. After in depth consultation, pre operative medical clearance, we proceed to the operating room and perform the procedure in a state of the art facility. Safety is the utmost priority and we even have a full time professional dedicated to instrument sterility, operating room sterility, and facility accreditation,” the NYC top doc and ‘Mommy Makeover’ connoisseur detailed. “Once in the operating room our experienced and synchronized team sculpt and harvest the fat than process it to retain the most purified form of fat possible. We simply place the desired volume for an elegant shape under the skin and above the muscle in order to avoid complications.”

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