Tom Hugo Explores Feelings of Isolation and Loneliness of New Solo Single “Stuck In The Middle Of Nowhere”

Lead member and composer of pop powerhouse band KEiiNO, Tom Hugo steps out on his own this week, with the unveiling of his brand new solo single, “Stuck In The Middle Of Nowhere”.

Co-written with Alex N.O. (Tom’s husband and fellow KEiiNO lyricist), the moving and intimate mid-tempo track is set to feature on the singers upcoming EP “Royal” – a poignant body of work made up of a series of songs inspired by the duos own personal life experiences, as well as those of other members of the LGBTQ+ community 

In a press release announcing the project, Tom explains: “Isolated in the sleepy hometown of mine in Norway during the pandemic, I spent some of the extra time at hand writing a collection of songs inspired by stories from our own and other LBGTQ+ persons’ lives. As I come from a pretty conservative part of the country it’s common that anyone different from the majority can still be seen as ‘outcasts’. I wanted to write songs which normalise being different, and shine a light on anyone struggling with fitting in.”

“My mission has always been to use my voice in contributing to a world more open for diversity, and I believe the best way is often to treat what’s “different” as the most natural thing in the world. So all the songs for this project are written so they can be relatable to most people, even though the pronouns might not always be as what’s expected.”

With the hopes that their music will “foster acceptance of diversity and help those who feel misunderstood or mislabeled regardless of sexual orientation”, the special extended play is set to be released Friday June 2nd 2023, followed by the album “Eden” later this year.

Listen to “Stuck In The Middle Of Nowhere” below:

Long before he experienced the dizzying heights of international fame as a much loved member of KEiiNO, Tom Hugo was making his mark across Europe, as a solo singer-songwriter, enjoying great success following a string of musical releases and radio-hits in Norway and Germany.

However it was following the bands storming appearance at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest that Hugo, along with band members Alexandra Rotan and Fred Buljo, reached the top of the charts with the trio’s monster hit “Spirit In The Sky”.

To Date KEiiNO releases have secured Tom 110 million Streams, 5 platinum certifications, many awards and a Norwegian Grammy (Spellemann) nomination. 

“Stuck In The Middle Of Nowhere” is available to download / stream now. 

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