TikTok’s Chris Olsen Confirms His Relationship Status After Kissing Meghan Trainor’s Brother – Are They Dating?

TikTok star Chris Olsen is clearing up a rumor that he started about his Dating life.

The 25-year-old content creator left fans believing that he was in a Relationship with Meghan Trainor‘s brother Ryan after posting several photos of them kissing.

The intimate photos were included in a photo dump from his time in Australia with Meghan and her family.

The post opened with Chris and Ryan embracing and locking lips. In another photo, the TikTok star is leaning back on a sculpture while Ryan kisses him from above.

Three weeks after raising questions, Chris revealed if they are actually an item.

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Taking to TikTok on Monday (April 3), Chris shared a video of himself and Ryan dancing to Meghan‘s new song “Mother.”

Ryan and I are… still both single,” he wrote, confirming that they were in fact not dating.

Fans rushed to the comments section, joking that Chris had missed April Fools Day by a Couple of days. There were a lot of celebrity pranks this year, but this apparently isn’t one of them.

“If y’all aren’t dating I’m gonna sob,” one fan added, while someone else guessed that they weren’t dating but were “TALKING.”

Others shared that they “weren’t convinced.”

If you missed it, Chris previously revealed that he “almost went home with” a famous musician on the night of the 2023 Grammys. While he didn’t reveal the identity, he offered a couple of hints.

Watch Chris Olsen and Ryan Trainor’s video below…

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