The Pigeon Detectives announce their new album “TV Show” – their first in six years – and drop the new music video to “Lovers Come and Lovers Go”

Ready to make a massive comeback, this year, are The Pigeon Detectives who announced their first album in six years, titled “TV Show”, last week, and have dropped the music video to their recently released single, “Lovers Come and Lovers Go” in celebration. Their brand new album is set to be dropped on 7 July 2023 and will mark their sixth studio album release overall, after 2017’s “Broken Glances”. The release of the single officially follows the 15th-anniversary version release of their sophomore studio album “Emergency”.

The Pigeon Detectives are a British five-piece indie-rock band from Rothwell, Leeds, consisting of Matt Bowman, Oliver Main, Ryan Wilson, Dave Best, and Jimmi Naylor. They’re well-known in the indie music world for the past decade or so, having dropped their debut studio album, “Wait For Me”, way back in 2007. The album gained critical acclaim and charted at number three on the Official UK Albums Chart, as well as number 54 on the Dutch Albums Chart, and their sophomore album, “Emergency”, followed in its footsteps, charting at number five in the UK and hitting charts in Ireland and France. The singles that were dropped from the albums also charted well in the UK, with “I’m Not Sorry”, “Take Her Back”, “Romantic Type”, and “This Is An Emergency”, all becoming top 20 hits for the band. Their third, fourth, and fifth albums made an impact on the indie rock/pop scene but didn’t make the commercial success as their first two; regardless, the five-piece worked the circuit, with successful tours in the UK and Europe and going on to make their debut performance on the main stage of Reading and Leeds festivals in 2011. As a ’00s commercial indie band, The Pigeon Detectives have proven to be a force in the streaming music world, with millions upon millions of streams where “Take Her Back” has become their most-streamed track at 26.2 million streams, whilst “I Found Out” is just behind at 25.3 million streams.

The band are proving that they’re stronger than ever, showcasing how the break of six years has allowed them to take their sound back to basics whilst also making it current for this ’20s decade. Their sixth studio album, “TV Show”, has been produced by Rich Turvey, who has worked with the likes of Blossoms, The Coral, and Oscar Lang.

Talking about the new album, The Pigeon Detectives said: “Making music together for all these years has been the greatest gift of our lives. This album gives a nod to every step we have taken on the amazing journey we have been on as five scruffy friends from Rothwell, whilst also driving our sound to new, exciting areas. Above all though it is full of absolute bangers and we just can’t wait for everyone to hear it!”

“This album is a celebration of our journey,” says Dave Best. “The rest of our albums are concerned with catching a moment in time, but this is a space for us to reflect. We’ve got to a place where we can celebrate who we are, who we have been, and who we’re gonna be in the future.”

“The way we write is intense, we all have to be in the room together,” Dave continued. “We made our reputation as an energetic live band. On this album, we wanted to capture the frenetic feel of our early albums, while growing musically. We wanted songs that would go down a storm at a festival. We wanted to capture the energy of our live shows. And that’s what we offer – we’ve always been a great live band.”

The band went on to say: “We’ve never had the luxury of falling back on savings or anything. It’s this working class, grind-it-out-mentality. We’ve always had an us-against-the-world thing in this band.”

After six years, The Pigeon Detectives do not hold back with their sixth studio album, and we’re so ready for it. “TV Show” is set to be full of turbo-charged indie-pop bangers, reflecting the way the band worked, knocking out song after song and refusing to stew too long on each track, allowing the natural flow of their band connection to bring forth incredible tracks that work in pure perfection essence. The album is set to have nine total tracks, when it arrives on 7 July 2023.

“TV Show” Tracklist:

  1. Falling To Pieces
  2. Summer Girl
  3. Lovers Come and Lovers Go
  4. The Warning
  5. Dreaming Of A Song
  6. I Can’t Stop
  7. TV Show
  8. Hard To Love
  9. Purple Skies

Watch the music video to “Lovers Come and Lovers Go” by The Pigeon Detectives here:

Written by the band themselves, while it was produced by Rich Turvey, “Lovers Come and Lovers Go” really showcases that The Pigeon Detectives have brought their music back to their roots with some incredible ’00s-themed vibes running throughout whilst also adding angsty elements that are very current at the moment, creating an indie-rock track that is not only commercially acceptable but appeals to a whole range of audiences. This track allows the band to shine in every way, stamping their way back into the indie-rock music industry, making sure their mark sticks and proving that they are not going anywhere.

Lyrically, the track delves into a past Relationship and how there were moments that were good, or even great, but there were plenty of moments that weren’t because they weren’t right for each other, with the ex being someone who lies and moves on to one lover after another. We’ve all got exs and so can somewhat relate to what the narrator is going through, yet it’s the incredible, fluid, backing track that fuels the fire in the song. Guitars and drums fill the track with plenty of influential sounds, giving epic ’00s instrumental sections that we’ve certainly been missing in recent indie-pop/rock, whilst keeping the production side modern. This entire concept just works in every single way, and there’s no denying that The Pigeon Detectives are back in full force and we’re so prepared for them to dominate the scene this year.

As for the accompanying music video for “Lovers Come and Lovers Go”, we watch an interesting short film by Andy Little. In black-and-white filtered visuals, we watch Zellie Lockheart reflect on her past in visionary scenes that take the viewers in a variety of fever dreams. Her thoughts and actions truly show how she is feeling in that very moment, whilst also showcasing a subtle self-love appreciation for herself.

Stream the new single from the band on Spotify here:

“Lovers Come and Lovers Go”, by The Pigeon Detectives, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Dance to the Radio. Their upcoming sixth studio album, titled “TV Show”, will mark their first LP in six years, and is set to be released on 7 July 2023.

To celebrate the release of the album, the band is set to go out on a record store tour, in the promotion of “TV Show”. The tour will see The Pigeon Detectives perform at various venues across the UK, ending with two shows at Leeds’ The Wardrobe, which is near where the album was written and recorded, on the same day – one early show and one late show. Ticket and album bundles are already available to purchase, just click here and follow the links to the venue you want to attend, as well as various merch for “TV Show”, which can be bought from their official web store.

“TV Show” record store show dates

  • 6th July: Banquet Records, Kingston
  • 7th July: Rough Trade East, London
  • 8th July: HMV, Manchester
  • 8th July: Bear Tree, Sheffield
  • 9th July: Rough Trade, Nottingham
  • 10th July: Rough Trade, Bristol
  • 11th July: HMV, Birmingham
  • 12th July: Jacaranda, Liverpool
  • 13th July: The Wardrobe, Leeds
  • 13th July: The Wardrobe, Leeds

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