Entrepreneurship is a challenging undertaking. The process requires hard work, devotion, and perseverance. A business startup involves many steps, including market research, business planning, funding, branding, marketing, and sales. “An entrepreneur without passion is not an entrepreneur,” said CEO and founder of Hierarchy Media, Taylor Ping.

Mentoring entrepreneurs is a valuable contribution to the community as it promotes economic growth and creates jobs. By sharing stories and examples from your own entrepreneurial journey, you can provide valuable insight to your mentee and help them learn from your successes and failures. In addition to being helped by others along the way, many mentors wish to give back by supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Celebrity entrepreneurs

Celebrities have long been associated with entrepreneurship, using their fame and influence to promote various businesses, from clothing to restaurants to technology.

For instance, Mark Wahlberg is an actor and producer who has established himself as an entrepreneur. He owns a fitness and nutrition supplement company, Performance Inspired, and Wahlburgers, a fast-casual restaurant chain he founded in 2011.

Also, actress Jessica Alba founded The Honest Company in 2012, producing and selling eco-friendly, non-toxic household and baby products. The company has been valued at over $1 billion.

Mentoring for entrepreneurship: Meet the expert

Hierarchy Media’s CEO and founder, Taylor Ping, has built a reputation as a women’s entrepreneurship advocate, public relations professional, and educator. Her expertise includes public relations strategy, business structure, venture capital investing, venture capital funding, and venture capital structure.

As a mentor and advisor to young entrepreneurs, Taylor has helped them start businesses, advising companies seeking capital partners, funding, and global expansion of their brands. Instead of concentrating on money, Taylor is devoted to teaching more people about business and marketing. When it comes to clients, she only takes on those with inspirational stories and impactful products.


Businesses can experience success or failure depending on how specific changes are made. Taylor Ping simplified her business by sharing as much information as possible with clients and anyone seeking advice. “Once I put that kind of content out there, I had such a response that I realized it is so important to not be afraid to just express yourself! Nobody knows what you stand for or the impact you want to make if you do not talk about it,” the woman entrepreneur said.

In recognition of Ping’s strength of character and drive, she received many amazing messages from other women. Her openness to advice and information has earned her respect from peers, who recognize parts of themselves in her.

As the 26-year-old indicated, many successful business owners can relate to her story of creating something from nothing. It is something they share and appreciates about one another, as well as celebrate. “Knowing the road isn’t easy, but persevering anyways is an amazing thing self made entrepreneurs celebrate in one another,” Taylor said.

Surviving adversity

As a young child, the self-made woman entrepreneur’s parents divorced during the 2007 market crash. She learned crucial lessons about endurance and hard work from these circumstances. At a young age, Taylor Ping was also exposed to the entrepreneurial experiences of her father. Based on her experience, she has found that circumstances beyond their control can negatively impact their lives. To set her family financially free, she worked hard and built her own businesses.

Several years ago, Ping stopped taking small risks and speaking down to herself after receiving multiple large clients for her media company. After sharing her knowledge, she realized companies could generate 10x more income and become powerful, notable brands in their industries.

What’s next?

In the near future, Taylor plans to speak internationally to young women seeking business mentorship and advice and complete her podcast to reach a larger audience. “It is my passion and mission to speak to and reach more young women and men who are looking for real advice on how to expand their business into a realistic, impactful and unique experience to the consumer,” Ping said. “Everything I do is to empower others.”

As the founder of her finance group, The Risen Group, she is dedicated to bringing more people together to enable them to draw resources together for the causes that matter most to us and to the world.


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