Tabitha & Chance Brown Celebrate 20 Years Of Marriage

TikTok star and actress Tabitha Brown is celebrating two decades of marriage with her husband, Chance Brown!

The Couple Shared Fire Lewks & Throwback Pics To Acknowledge The Occasion

On Wednesday, Tabitha shared a couple of photos on Twitter to acknowledge the 20th anniversary of when she and Chance tied the knot.

The pictures showed Tabitha in a mullet dress made of white tulle. Additionally, she accompanied this lewk with a rockin’ hairstyle.

Meanwhile, Chance looked snazzy while donning an ivory-colored suit that featured a thin stripe pattern.

The upload was succinctly captioned, “Happy 20 year wedding anniversary babe!!”

Over on Instagram, she and Chance shared the same photos through a collab post and wrote, “God I thank you for keeping us, working on us, covering us, hiding us, blessing us and loving us.”

“Forever saying I do. I love you babe!!! God I thank you for keeping us, working on us, covering us, hiding us, blessing us and loving us. It’s our 20 year wedding Anniversary!!!!!!”

Check out the photos of this couple celebrating two decades of marriage below!

Following this upload, Tabitha and Chance shared another post. It featured many photos highlighting the couple’s evolution through the years.

Notably, these pictures were displayed to the tune of Jamie Foxx‘s “Wedding Vows,” which they said is the “perfect” song for them.

“…Here we are after 25 years together and 20 married, still standing and getting stronger in love every day!…”

Tabitha & Chance Brown Made Headlines After The TikToker Retired Her Husband

While on the subject of this couple, we should add that they made headlines back in mid-2021 over Tabitha’s decision to retire her husband from his job as a police officer.

While many were elated for the couple, Wendy Williams had a bit of a different response, as she predicted that the dynamic would cause marital strife.

“Nope, I was married to one of those. I predict that this marriage is going to be on real rocky ground.”

However, as The Shade Room previously reported, Tabitha gracefully doubled down on her decision while throwing some graceful shade at Wendy.

“My husband took a job in agreeance with me. He took a job 15 years ago to help support my dream, and I know you may not know what that looks like in a genuine place…I pray that love finds you, true love. I pray it finds you and holds you tight.”

Additionally, Wendy faced a ton of heat over her comments as viewers rushed to Tabitha’s defense.

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Shoutout to Tabitha and Chance Brown; we wish this couple the best!

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