The seemingly fractured Relationship between Princess Kate and brother-in-law Prince Harry has been dissected by a royal expert.

At one time, Harry appeared to forge a particular close relationship with Kate. In fact, the flame-haired Prince became something of a third wheel in William and Kate’s relationship, accompanying them on official visits and even starting a charity together.

After he met Meghan Markle, they became the “Fab Four”, delighting royal fans with their joint appearances. However, after the Sussexes’ decision to step away from royal duties, relations soured.

Nowhere was this more evident between Kate and Harry than when the Princess of Wales, 40, came under fire in 38-year-old Harry’s explosive book Spare.

Prince William and Princess Kate at The Earthshot Prize in Boston
Prince William and Princess Kate visited America last year, but aren’t thought to have seen Harry (Credit: Splash News)

Princess Kate and Prince Harry’s relationship sours

In it, he suggested that the infamous Nazi costume he wore to a fancy dress party in 2005 was sanctioned by his older brother Prince William and then-girlfriend Kate.

According to Harry, they “howled with laughter” when he asked for their opinion on the controversial get-up. The book was released in January this year – just a day after Kate’s birthday – which can’t have helped matters either.

Coupled with Harry’s move Stateside, not to mention his Netflix documentary, a real wedge has been driven between himself and the rest of his family.

She laughed at his jokes but I didn’t ever get the feeling they were really close.

Onlookers have noted it’s a shame that Kate and Harry aren’t as close as they once seemed. Once upon a time, at royal engagements, Kate could be seen laughing at Harry’s jokes, with husband William appearing to be the one left out.

So it’s surely only natural that, after their relationship hit the skids, Kate would’ve been left feeling a little sad. One expert disagrees. In fact, Tessa has suggested that Harry and Kate might not have actually been that close in the first place.

Prince Harry at Royal Courts of Justice 2023
Prince Harry recently flew back to London but didn’t see his family (Credit: Cover Images)

‘I didn’t ever get the feeling they were really close’

Tessa commented that she didn’t agree with public opinion that Kate was “mourning” for her relationship with Harry. Instead, she thinks the Princess of Wales was sad about something else altogether.

Tessa said: “I think the idea that she was kind of mourning for Harry, I think she was probably mourning for a kind of semblance of normality, as normal as it can be.”

Reflecting on their relationship, which was often on show in the public eye, Tessa continued: “She laughed at his jokes. But I didn’t ever get the feeling they were really close.”

Of course, Kate and William were in the States at the end of last year, and it’s not thought they saw Harry. Harry, meanwhile, was recently in London at the High Court. However, it’s not been suggested that he saw any of his family while he was here.

ED! has contacted Kate’s representatives for a comment.

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