The latest Meghan Markle news has speculated that the royal is considering a move back into acting, with claims she’s “eyeing prominent Hollywood roles” after reportedly hiring Tinseltown dealmaker Adam Lilling.

Adam has worked with the likes of Nicole Kidman. So the rumour mill has gone into overdrive with speculation that Meghan could be heading back to her screens.

PR expert Mayah Riaz previously told the Mirror: “Allegedly, by hiring Adam Lining, known as Hollywood’s ‘fixer’, Meghan could be looking for a career in Hollywood. Acting is what she’s trained in, therefore, it’s viable she may have a cameo in a film or even TV.”

However, our expert thinks she could be eyeing an entirely different career. And, what’s more, he thinks she would totally smash it.

Meghan Markle smiling wearing white
The latest comment on Meghan Markle has seen her backed for a role in politics (Credit: Splash News)

Meghan Markle latest: Return to acting for Suits star?

Of course, fans of Suits will remember the star from her role in the drama. She gave up her career as an actress when things got serious with Prince Harry.

And our brand and culture expert Nick Ede doesn’t think Meghan will U-turn on that and answer Hollywood’s calls. He exclusively told ED! that, instead, she will use her huge public profile for good.

As an activist she has lots of traits that people look for in a politician.

Nick told ED!: “I think Meghan will be offered roles but I doubt a return to acting is on the cards for her. She is using her platform for social change and empowerment. She now has such a strong public identity that people forget that she was an actress. Besides, she is using those skills now as a public speaker and campaigner.”

Meghan’s political career given green light

So if Hollywood isn’t next on the cards for Meghan, could a political career be in the offing? Nick thinks Meghan has got what it takes to make it in politics, giving the green light for a career change.

He told us: “I think Meghan does have what it takes to be a politician. She is a woman on a mission. Her diplomatic approach and powerhouse knowledge of what is right and what is wrong is exciting to watch. As an activist she has lots of traits that people look for in a politician.”

Nick then went on to list the things Meghan could bring to the role. He told us: “Being able to stand up for herself, debate and also she is an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and and race rights and women’s equality too. I think she would get a lot of votes from people who want positive change.”

Prince Harry looks concerned
Prince Harry and Meghan have been urged to ‘lie low’ and ‘do what they do best’ (Credit: YouTube)

Time to ‘lie low’?

Nick also had some words of wisdom for Meghan and husband Harry if they want to attempt to repair their tarnished reputation. He told us: “I think that by laying low and going about their business and doing what they do best – which is support people who don’t have a voice – that will win them back fans and drive a positive narrative about them.”

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