Rishi Singh: Why 90 Day Fiance Fans Think His Photos Are Phony

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way fans watched in discomfort as Jen Boecher caught Rishi Singh in yet another lie.

But, even before that, she had confronted him about the thirst trap (and flowers, and apparent desire to meet) that he sent to her friend, Randi.

Here is where some 90 Day Fiance fans are crying foul, however.

Rishi looks pretty different in his nearly-nude thirst trap pic. Some believe that he may have catfished his catfisher, Jen, and maybe others.

At the end of Season 4, Episode 10, and at the beginning of Episode 11, Jen Boecher confronted Rishi Singh.

Her friend, Randi, had done her a favor — the kind that very close friends do for one another.

She had reached out to Rishi to lightly “catfish” him. In her case, inexpertly. But basically, it was a test of Rishi’s fidelity.

Rishi seemed to fail the test.

He sent Randi photos of flowers. He asked about her location, seemingly planning to meet up. And he sent that nearly-nude pic of him, flaunting his hot torso and arms.

Rishi of course had a lot of explanations for his behavior. But thirst trap photos have one purpose. And photos don’t lie.

Or do they? Maybe, sometimes, photos tell lies.

We all know that people edit photos. Sometimes, it’s just to address a blemish.

Then there are famous, celebrity examples. Khloe Kardashian’s edits have made her unrecognizable in a dozen different ways, going back for years. (It’s sad; many fans see it as a cry for help)

The gulf between Khloe Kardashian’s actual face and the sorts of photos that she chooses to share on social media has not escaped fans or critics.

But why are people bringing this up in the context of Rishi’s photo?

Because he is showing muscular arms, firm tiddies, and rock-hard abs, with some … we’ll forego the more conventional term and instead call it an “Adonis belt” trailing down to below the thin white cloth.

When viewers watched the actual episode and compared his looks to the photo, things did not seem to match up.

No one is questioning that Rishi is one hot guy.

However, during the actual episode, he also happened to be wearing a burgundy towel and nothing else.

So viewers got a look at his body. He looked softer than he did in the photo. To the point where fans questioned if it was really him.

So, if you’ve followed fans on social media, a lot of people have been speculating that perhaps Rishi edited his face onto someone else’s body.

Considering that he sent a lot of photos to Jen during their two years apart, was he using phony pics to help string her along — and to recruit side pieces?

Obviously, Jen knows what he looks like. But were his earlier thirst traps fabrications — and yet another example of Rishi’s problem with honesty?

Well, no. We actually think that the thirst trap of Rishi was almost certainly him. Perhaps he or someone else touched up the photo, but there is no real reason to believe that it inaccurately represented his body.

Rishi is a model. Like a lot of actors, Instagram influencers, and sex workers, his body’s appearance is key to his work. That means that (like many people in those professions) his body’s shape changes drastically when he needs it to look a certain way for the camera.

Think about, like, MCU actors when they’re actively filming versus when they haven’t been on camera in six months. Models do that, too.

If the photo didn’t look like Rishi’s body, Jen probably would have noticed. Instead, she likely understands — better than any of us — that Rishi’s body changes. He is a fit personal trainer, but the shape of his torso won’t always be the same.

It is a good thing that he is not “on” at all times. Water fasting and similar pre-photoshoot techniques are genuinely not good for you, and staying like that at all times would be worse.

Rishi’s pics aren’t fake. That doesn’t mean that he isn’t clearly struggling with honesty in other areas. Clearly, he is.

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