Rare Photo of Amber Portwood’s Son, James, Gets Fans Talking

A new picture of James Glennon, the 4-year-old son of "Teen Mom" star Amber Portwood, was posted online.


A new picture of James Glennon, the 4-year-old son of “Teen Mom” star Amber Portwood, was posted online.

A rare photo of Amber Portwood‘s 4-year-old son, James, surfaced online and was posted to multiple “Teen Mom” fan pages on April 4, including Teen Mom Fanz. 

Portwood’s ex-boyfriend, Andrew Glennon, posted the photo of James to his private social media account, according to The Sun. 

The picture showed Glennon smiling outside while wearing aviator sunglasses and a Hawaiian shirt. James, also wearing a Hawaiian shirt, held up his arms and made a silly face. There was a group of people in the background of the photo.

Glennon and James — who is turning 5 next month — moved to Malibu, California, in August, after an Indiana judge granted Glennon full physical and primary custody, Us Weekly reported. Before the judge’s ruling, Glennon and James had been living in Geist, Indiana, near Portwood.

Portwood pleaded guilty to two felony charges of domestic battery and intimidation after an incident in July 2019, according to the Indy Star, which cited the Marion County prosecutor’s office. Portwood completed her probation in April 2022, according to The Sun.

Portwood appeared on season 1 of “16 and Pregnant” in 2009. At the time, she was expecting her first child — 14-year-old Leah — with her ex-boyfriend, Gary Shirley. She was promoted to “Teen Mom” that same year and has been on the show for 14 years. Portwood agreed for Shirley to have full custody of Leah in 2016, according to Us Weekly.

Portwood and Glennon met in 2017 while she was filming “Marriage Boot Camp” with her ex-fiancee, Matthew Baier. Portwood and Glennon welcomed James the following year.

Fans Were Thrilled So See the Photo of James

Some fans on social were glad to see a current photo of James.

“I’m happy to see a picture,” read a popular comment on the Teen Mom Chatter fan page.

“Glad to see that James looks happy. His dad is still sketchy though, I don’t like him lol,” says another top response.

“Still a sad situation but at least James is happy,” a third social media user penned.

A lot of people talked about rumors that Glennon trashed Portwood’s home in Geist, Indiana.

“I hope James is in a clean, stable environment. All I’ll ever see when I look at Andrew is that blanket covered in pee and the disgusting way he left that house,” another person said.

Glennon and James had been living in the home Portwood purchased as part of their initial custody agreement. After a judge said Glennon could move to California, Portwood was able to move back into the home.

As shown in “Teen Mom,” Portwood’s home was left in disarray. She insinuated that Glennon left it that way.

However, an insider told The Sun that Glennon left the house in good condition.

“Andrew is notorious for documenting everything,” the source told the publication. “The condition the home was left in was of course filmed and photographed.”

James’ Photo Wasn’t Allowed To Be Posted on Social Media for Years

“Teen Mom” fans have not seen James since Portwood and Glennon split in July 2019 when he was 1 year old.

Part of Portwood’s custody agreement with her ex-boyfriend after they split was that James’ likeness cannot be shown on MTV or social media.

But Glennon posted a picture of James on social media in August 2021, claiming someone hurt his son. “You hit your baby boy?… Really?!” he wrote via Instagram Stories, per The Sun. 

According to court papers reviewed by the outlet, Portwood’s legal team said she sent the picture of James to Glennon because she noticed a mark on the inside of his mouth.

“On or about August 25, 2021, Mother informed Father that the parties’ child had a spot on the inside of the lip that appeared to Mother as a canker sore or cold sore. Mother took pictures and sent it to Father,” official documents said, per The Sun.

“Father posted a statement on social media accusing Mother of hitting the parties’ child, and then subsequently deleted the post… screenshots of his post were made public,” the court records said, according to the outlet.

As reported by The Sun, Portwood claimed Glennno’s social media activity “directly violates the provisions of the Mediated Agreement adopted on October 23, 2019, and the provisions of the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines.”

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