Offset Accuses Former Label Quality Control Music Of Preventing Him From Releasing New Songs


Offset Accuses Former Label Quality Control Music Of Preventing Him From Releasing New Songs

 The legal war between Offset and his ex-label continues. 

According to reports, while the former Migos member attempts to fight for his solo career in court, Offset, born Kiari Kendrell Cephus, is accusing Quality Control Music of interfering with his ability to release hits. Reportedly, two years ago the court documents stated that Offset “came to understand the full ramification of the deal that he entered into.”


The Georgia rapper pursued his solo career seemingly after opting out of the Migos trio following the speculated drama between him and his group mates when Takeoff and Quavo released their collaboration single, “Unc & Phew.” As previously reported, the late Takeoff, who died last November from a fatal gunshot wound in a Houston Bowling alley, is the nephew to Quavo

Offset, Quavo, Takeoff circa 2016

Last August was the start of the court war between Offset and QC. At the time, Offset filed a legal suit against the label that rose him to stardom after alleging they tried to steal the rights to his solo music and black balled him for opting out of the Migos group. QC’s CEO’s – Kevin “Coach K” Lee and Pierre “P” Thomas – submitted a counterclaim that their former artist misunderstood the terms of the agreements to his inked contract. According to the label, Offset and QC were engaged in two separate contracts: a production deal and a label agreement. Once Offset called it quits, there were terms and conditions that QC claimed only modified the production agreement, not the label deal. 

Bang Si-Hyuk, Pierre “P” Thomas, Kevin “Coach K” Lee and Scooter Braun

Reportedly, Offset’s “54321” single leg to the suit after QC allegedly tried to be compensated from the record’s royalties. The label also shared that they are still waiting to receive their payout from the song, arguing that their deal hasn’t expired. The lawsuit reportedly read: 

“Offset now brings this action to vindicate his rights and make it clear to the world that Offset, not Quality Control, owns Offset’s music.” 

QC reportedly requested for the suit to be dismissed. Offset’s attorney stated:

“Quality Control no longer owns the copyright to Offset’s solo sound recordings and is no longer licensing Offset’s solo sound recordings to Capitol, and Capitol has acquired ownership of Offset’s solo sound recordings directly from Offset.” 

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